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To pull my face mask up and like other communities the Evanston mandate applies to anyone shopping or visiting an essential business however masks will not be required for biking or jogging Chicago's not requiring mass but mayor Lightfoot is encouraging people to use them as a matter of common sense crane says Abby is shifted its operations to help Illinois test more people for the virus the north Chicago drugmakers donating about forty thousand units of viral transport media a week to the state the material is essential for culvert nineteen testing so what about summer camp this year Tom Rosenberg the president of the American camp association says they'll be changes if there's camp at all the things like smaller program awards and box of five rules about distancing a different points during the day also testing is gonna play heavily heavily into the you know the camps overnight camps in particular nothing will be a key consideration screening and monitoring every single day at any at day camp or any other kind of music program will be really important if they're able to have camp this summer you might have to be a delayed start he says he expects smaller group sizes and no contact sports Illinois neighbor is moving forward with plans to re open in early may WGN's Ryan burl has that Missouri's governor Mike parson announcing his state stay at home order will remain in effect until may fourth but after that it'll be open for business we're working on the policy in the guidelines for that for but all model today almost every business in the state of Missouri we have opened their doors he says social distancing will be important and admit some counties may have more stringent rules than others Ryan Burr of WGN news WGN sports the NFL draft gets underway tonight very virtually at will be the first ever virtual draft for the NFL now look at your money on WGN here's orient Samuelson still a green screen on the wall street story today the Dow industrial average up three hundred and forty four points the S. and P. five hundred up thirty seven points and the nasdaq is up a hundred and twenty seven points the volatility index at the C. B. we is higher as I should say it lower that's the way you wanted to go and right now it's down two and a half points grain trade Chicago board of trade today the July wheat contract is trading up a penny and I have a bushel the July contract at five forty five in the quarter the July corn contract is up three dollars thirty three cents a bushel and that puts it at three twenty seven and a half and the July soybean contract up for and I have since trading at eight dollars forty seven cents a bushel lines on future Chicago mercantile exchange makes screen there with the July lean hog contract up a dollar fifty seven cents on red white in the April live cattle contract is down three cents hundredweight and then the April Peter cattle contract is up thirty cents and that's your money on seven twenty WGN fifty three to grease right now though here I'm Steve Burr trend on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN full.

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