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You go thanks bill Peter finch KCBS well you see Davis is making headlines for new movie it has made the theatrically it's nothing special but medically it's quite a breakthrough KCBS is Jeff bell explains not long ago UC Davis introduced the world to explore a revolutionary total body pet skater man as this you see the health video explains it allows us to understand how the body works in a whole new way you see Davis professor of biomedical engineering gene you cheesy is one of the many researchers now taking advantage of explores breakthrough technology by using a combination of the data from the scanner and also the data processing that does not speak to you about with those pieces chi and his colleagues at Davis and in China have published a video showing the movement of a tracer injected in the lower leg of a volunteer undergoing scanning of you were following that tracer can actually see how that fits our mobile out from the rain and into the heart and then go into the long back into the heart and then the impound to other body parts there by showing in real time blood flow and heart function may add more broadly offering researchers the promise of Ewing interactions between multiple organs at the same time she's research is published in the proceedings of the National Academy of sciences Jeff bell KCBS staying healthy offline is top of mind with concerns over the corona virus outbreak but for most travellers chances of contracting the flu or a nasty head cold more realistic KCBS can literally has some tips to try to avoid that in this week's road report the center for disease control and prevention shows that cases of the flu in the new year is once again on the rise a minimum of nineteen million cases have been reported in the U. S. for this flu season to date but short of living in a bubble what can we do we're all exposed to each other every day whether writing a crowded bar train or flying in a tightly space seed and coach how best to.

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