Hellier discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


You've never seen in one of these types of projects. Now, the fact that you're working on season two tells me that you're not complete yet. It's not finished. There are so many dangling threads. There's there's a there's so much more to investigate again Hellier is just the start. It's just a prologue. And even in just we shot this in two thousand seventeen people are just seeing it. Now, it's only been out for a week the amount of information that we've been able to gather since then is staggering. And I think people are going to be shocked at the things that we've discovered in that time, what would you hope to accomplish? I think for us. I mean, we really went into this project with the idea of creating something that sort of push the Brown boundaries a little bit because of the nature of what we're investigating. It's a bit abstract and strange, and so really from everything from the way that it looks to the pacing of it. We really wanted to kind of challenge sort of the I turn on the television tropes, and the things that have sort of been set in place for many years. And so our our hope is really that it inspires people to make their own projects, and it inspires people to get out there and investigate. And and, you know, do it with with that kind of passion is really palpable. Historically, how old is this area. Oh, I mean, it's it's from the coal, boom. One of the things that we found out while we were investigating is many of the roads that we drive up only exist because they were roads that led to the old bind. So it's it's fairly old. And the other interesting thing is it was a place where the native Americans they would only hunt there. So they thought that the white guys are crazy.

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