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Think it's a great third Jersey. I'm just laughing. Business questions continuation with the fucking sperm jokes when yeah, I don't know. I'm just not a big fan of it. I don't know. It's like oil dropped that looks like a steel sperm thing. So what are you going to do? Does it grind your gears? Actually know it? It would make my gears run pretty good because it's like oil and shit. Oh, there you go, buddy. Could you take an edible halfway through the pot or a band? No, no. You all right over there? Are you melting into that new chair of yours? I could be no. I'm laughing at my balls off at YouTube because you've been fucking make me laugh. My balls are tight. Did you hear me say that your gears run on come? Is what you're saying? If it would help your gears move smoothly and you're calling it come wow. What do you mean? Well, you said it would make my gears run smoothly, but it sperm. No, I meant I meant oil, like oil like that's what I'm saying. Like that's brand. I meant oil. Oil would make this a grindy gears. I said no oil would make my gizzard. All right, yes or no, 250 K cash. Would you drink a one ounce shot of sperm? Not your own. Spermatocyte that he's asking who's means it's a yes. Well, I mean, animal animal. Frank the tanks. Frank, I was just going to say Frank the tank. Really? The minute he said, who? And I was like, well, that's why I asked about animal person. But if it's like sperm, who cares? Well, because sperm sperm and semen, the two different things. All that all semen has sperm and sperm is like, you can separate from semen. Yeah, exactly, right? So carefully freaking me a proposition like that because I'm going to bust the lawyers out on your asses. Yeah, no, honestly, this is going to take a lot of money for me to drink jizz. 500 K cash. A lot of money. A lot of money. 750,000. I mean, for me to drink a shot at, well, I will just say jizz, whatever you want to call it, sperm, semen, whatever, whether they had a vest, not fuck man. George Clooney would start with fucking. Why does the looks of the person matter? 'cause you're fucking, I mean, it's like, I guess like blowing a guy. I think you want a vegetarian. Oh, it is not like blowing a guy, dude. I mean, like, as far as you swallow in the load, whether it's in a shot glass or you know, I think we've lost every single listener. It's just us at this point. Hey, you idiots. They're the ones asking you. I'm just trying to play the role here. It was big question. It would take a lot of money for me to fucking do a shot of it. I threw up in this guy's office, unfortunately. I mean, fuck, man. All right, let's move along here before we lose my audience. Team USA when it's fourth straight gold medal and 5th overall at the paralympics, when they beat team I'm sorry, team Canada 5 zero. So congrats to the boys. Other victory, Josh Paul's great job brother. They have a wagon. They're the dynasty. No doubt about it. No doubt about it whatsoever. Of slight hockey. Hockey. Here you go. All right, you already mentioned the Minnesota state hockey tournaments. Lots of good highlights coming out of the lots of good highlights as well. The trade deadline, we're going to get to that with Dave pegg got on a second. We discussed most teams with them. I'm not sure if there were any other things you want to bring up before we got the Dave. We obviously talked about Giordano. Peel a bruns of the Seattle is going to be trying to unload him. Possibly units don't, Kelly John Crowe, Jake de bruss, what do you think he gets help or not? No, no, no, no, no. Things have changed. He asked for a trade since then he's played the best hockey of his career. The bruins are buzzing. I don't, I can not say that he still doesn't want to be traded, but the bruins can't mess with what's going on right now. They're hunting down busy leaves. They're hunting down a top three spot from being in the division and not a wild card team. And I think to prostates, he looks good. All right, we talked about my country play with Dave, but a couple other black hawks Brandon Hagel, Calvin de Haan, Dominic kubelik biz, do you think these guys end up elsewhere? I don't give two. You don't even know who they are. I don't even know. They're playing the NHL? All right, motherfuckers, then with that said, we're gonna go to Dave pegg donner, this interview is brought to us by our friends at sling TV, if you love watching live sports, but you tie to the high prices..

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