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The keyword is safe s A F e safe text that to 33986. Here we go. Simple Is that so on? Ah, well Friday Friday, but backtrack a little bit. There's there's a guy named Dave Mattson, some of you Most of you know who that is. He's Dave, the flower guy. And Dave is a hardworking man. He You see him around town in the downtown area with his tractor pulling a trailer he most people's lawns. He sells flowers. He tries to take care of himself as best he can. Dave, uh, lived with his mother, and it's just the two of them. Irma and Dave and Dave. Has been on our show in one form or another. I think for at least 20 years, maybe more than that. Yeah, we're we're trying to get an exact Idea of the number of years but at least 20 more than 20. Dave actually may remember how long? Yeah, he he came. He came around to the show when we were doing our show and probably corners and there was a coffee shop there and a window You could see through into the studio and he was there almost every day. And so we got went out and got to know him. Found him found out. He's an interesting guy. He's he's suffered from cerebral palsy. But you know, he's an interesting guy. We put him on the radio. And then every Friday he would be on our show. He has been on our show. We let they've select the boner of the week. When we had him on the show this Friday. Well, we call them and well as you'll hear. We're going to replay the conversation we had with Dave. Right now. This is the conversation we had with Dave this past Friday. Here we go. Is Dave there? Dave. I know your whole day. How's everything? My mom just died night. Oh, if I was afraid you were going to say that I'm so sorry. So sorry to hear that. Oh, I'm sorry. So do you. But you don't have to do this. Yeah. Oh, Are you sure? Are you sure? David? Dave, you don't have to. I'm so sorry. Have you got some people to help you out? Your aunt. That's good. We're really sorry to hear that, Dave. That's so hard. I know Romo and you, you honor more very close and So it's it's hard. I know. We love you, Dave. There's anything we do Let us know. And you don't have to do this today. Unless you're Let's go ahead, So okay, Okay. All right, but But thanks for calling. I mean, it's you were doing your duty and calling in so So just just go take care of what you have to take care of it takes. OK Alright. See you later. So that was Friday and I told and I've checked in with Dave every day since Friday. And is he there's Dave on the phone. Now we didn't even get a hold of it. Treatment. Get ahold of him. I told Dr Hall today, didn't you? Yeah, I am. So that day after the show I On Friday I called Dave's and hey, gave me her number. Her name's Donna. So Donna is Dave's mother's sister. And she was a very nice lady should live here. She lives in Wyoming. And she's having problems of her own. Her husband's recovering from a heart attack, But she came into town to see to the arrangements for Dave's mom. On, she said. I've we've work. We're going to cremate. Ah, she's going to be cremated. There'll be a small service and we love Dave. We love him to death. She said You get Dave he is there. Yes, A Dave. Hi, Dave. How are you today? Dale, go. Oi! Oi! You feeling you're there. Dave of they had a service for your mom yet. No, no, no. Ah, and it'll just be private. I'm sure right, right? Yeah, just you and your aunt and Probably not a lot of people. The bishop. Yeah. Our Ah, then will your mother's remains where they're goingto Idaho or they're going to be here or do you know me here? Hey. David, you know. How do you know how long you've been on our show? Ah! Aim. Fire five years 2025 u think him but that's right. Ah, it's I I know how hard it is, but you do sound better. And I'm glad of that. Um, you have where you are So loved day we've heard from lots and lots of friends of the program that care about you. And they want to help you in some way and we were looking into ways to get you some some help. I think we are. Katie's been working on a go fund me for you, Dave. Correct? Yes, I have. I've been personally working on a go fund me to get started to help raise some funds for youto kind of take care of yourself. So when we have that kind of completed and ready to take in donations, we will post it on all of our Web sites are our social media is X 26 will post him everywhere. And we'll just do the best that we can collect some money for you to help you out. It should be. It should be. Ah, Later today or tomorrow. We should be able to confirm all of that. I would think. Yes, Dave of have you had any thought about what you're going to do? No. I have to find a new place there, you know. I know it's you. I know you can't have a house. You? Yeah, I know we're gonna work on that. And if anybody has any They've needs. Ah, less expensive place. What is the rent right now, Dave? My hear $1000.1000 dollars a month. We need to find so amazing about security. Yeah, That's what your aunt told me. $756 a month in Social Security and then or else whatever it out, you get from mowing lawns and So if anybody knows of they would like to stay in downtown area. So anybody knows anyplace you could get a hold of us. There is a way out of a room red, but She's with her mom and her have her bathroom of Jamal. Yeah. D'oh. No, I don't blame you. David Just just hang. Hang tight. I know your aunt told me that the bishop Ah. Had taken care of rent fell the end of the month from Yeah. Till the end of October. Well, we'll see what we can come up with. Were working on some things. Aside from the go fund me Okay, there should be. And if you know, we have a lot of listeners in a lot of various walks of life. If you were trying to find social services, frankly. Well off state or county or federal social services. Because, Dave, for some reason, it doesn't get any of that. He should certainly be eligible, but he is not participating in any Other Social service programs. I don't believe right, Dave, other than Social Security, there's gotta be some other help there. There's got to be helpin some social. So so I do. I have talked to the Mayor Mendenhall about it. We've Jenny Wilson. We're going to get on it. We were talking to some people, Dave, and we'll see what we can do. Okay, but but again any listeners out there if you're in those agencies send us email. What's the best email to use? Radio from Halifax. 96.

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