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I can't see anyone going to New England and winning that game. If it was back in Kansas City, learning after last records. See the chiefs doing it. My brother, obviously plays with the chiefs, I root for the chiefs, but they're gonna take a little step back of tar kills not there, obviously, you have to replace and they did last year Kareem hunt. Everything went really well for the chiefs last year defense transitioning with spags probably won't be as kind of their throughout the year of getting they improve. I to your point. New england. Look, they drafted into keel Harry to be that big possession wide receiver right? Chase winners, which I liked that pick as well all corner. And Juwan Williams, who is six three can play press can do whatever they want their defense interchangeable parts. And again, their schedule sets up great. They have their toughest games. I believe, chiefs at home, right at home Cowboys at home every at home, they're going to be thirteen and three and four have home field throughout and the only team chiefs on the only team. I think they can go to can't go to New England in late January with Pamela homes and even can compete in that game. Well, we'll see what the colts morph into, if they can maybe take even another quantum leap forward. The quantum leap that they took us you. Nobody saw coming right? If they've got another, one in them, I'm, I'm, I'm willing to see that I'm willing to see what the chargers can do. There's always a surprise team. I don't know which one it is the Steelers minus bell. I like this. And, and Brown they're going to be able to use the nobody believes in his car. Never able to us, and we got Joe manganiello coming up in studio in our number three to discuss that and thrones. You know what about the Rams? What about what we saw from the Rams that they that they couldn't score on the patriots? But if given another chance a mulligan. Yeah, with another round of McVeigh injecting his genius into the equation. What do you think here? I appreciate it McVay mitt he over prepared for that game. It was totally obvious. They just they looked like they had. They just were too confused on what's happening. I like the Cowboys in the NFC. I told you that Brockman, I wrote about this other day. I Tom that Chris, you did every day here in the NFC. There's a different team kind of out of nowhere. The the falcons the eagles. The Rams last year. We were common known quantity every year. There seems to be the Panthers and fifteen out of nowhere team comes up in the Cowboys last year. Obviously were in the playoffs. We have not had a repeat winner in the NFC since two thousand four so And they're gonna have. they're gonna have to break that trend, obviously, I think, to get back to where the want to go. But you added Randall Cobb great second way, fringy signing Amari Cooper, yet, win Travis Frederick, being back at Senator is a huge plus for them. How so last year, they had a problem the first eight weeks of the year, it really when they're off its long coaches fire to help. They just were not idea, who they were they made so many mental mistakes of not just knowing who they were working to it was mind blowing, and that can make you you're young quarterback. Look, totally confused. And also just blows up your run game, everything Frederick has back there. Helping offense align now and DeMarcus Lawrence Crawford. They have great linebackers. They have a good back end of their secondary. The giants aren't that strong eagles are going to be good. The Redskins aren't that strong in my opinion. I think the Cowboys, I if Dax can take the next step, which will see what the weapons he has. I didn't they're going to do you put a three in front of an eight figure annual salary for deck Prescott Jeff Schwartz. Oh man. Because that's, that's that. That's what the market..

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