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Hundred and fifty police and fire fighter pensions gonna conducts consolidate them into two statewide funds this was something that was pushed by Pritzker and went to the Senate and the house put picked it up and they passive so this essentially is a huge relief for some of the townships in Chicago and the Chicago where in the northern and southern suburbs that because of the pensions the overwhelming pensions other municipalities and police and fire they've been able of they've been just taxing taxing taxing property taxes and and making it almost impossible untenable for people to live in those communities so this is a big step forward because this will consolidate those pensions put him into two statewide funds and could spell some relief for those towns taxpayers that's good see how the kind of place out but that's the that was a big thing and it got done the veto session here we're talk more about that we'll talk with heather Sharon coming up in the seven thirty segment bear Lightfoot says that uber his trying to pay off black ministers in Chicago to win their support to oppose the big ride Cher tax she's pushing that's that's supers move I don't know I if the grease the palms of the ministers it seems so eighties right every time there's an election they talk about that and they all you know Bruce rounders again with the black ministers all Willie Wilson got to black ministers and rarely do I ever see the African American church in Chicago have as much clout as some of the power brokers think they do and the other thing which is weird about this story is that there's no event should do this nascent there's no evidence there's no this is a something that she brought up in a press conference who really isn't anything the minister's haven't said anything he came out of the first times you heard of it was from mayor like for talking about so she pulled kind of a played a page from the playbook of the president where without proof start filling in error see how that kind of plays out but the you know I I don't put it past uber they don't want this ride Cher tax and they've already been on the record saying that this is going to have a negative impact on poor communities communities of color south and west sides of Chicago because as we know transportation opportunities in some of those communities are much less than some of the other communities in Chicago cabs don't go to some of those areas in Hoover has been arrested for some people who need just basic transportation so they're they're pushing uber's pushing the idea that they're going to in our church poor communities in Chicago and but but the mayor's office is push back on that saying here's the actual date and numbers it's not gonna hurt but the idea that they are putting or they best sensually bribing black ministers of the this is the first we've heard of it and it came from the mayor's mouth so find out if that's actually true and pay attention that story coming up here this week a new report from the CDC says that one person dies from a super bug infection every fifteen minutes fifteen minutes in this country someone is dying from a drug resistant superbugs this is an issue that you see all the time in the local news is it is super bugs killing you and it's tailor made for but this is obvious every fifteen minutes that's a I mean that's going to be the second third story on the on local news tonight no doubt about it but that's a that's a new study that's out from CDC and it's it's alarming because that that of those are drug resistant bugs essentially things that we used to be able to control the antibiotics that aren't controlled anymore that even the miracle antibiotics that we have on hand are not attacking and winning the fight with some of these drug resistant super anti are super bugs that's the alarming and something that I think you know we should probably pay more more tense because we're not talking about exotic diseases like Ebola there are every fifteen minutes to talk about people who think they have no food poisoning or the flu or something it just continues and they get admitted to the hospital there's nothing to do about take the red line home every night at eleven o'clock and if I feel I'm a minute away from a super bug at any moment that is true absolutely true the national story about three cows you see the story three cows in North Carolina actually they thought now hurricane Dorian came through there was a couple of months ago two months ago when was hurricane Dorian this feels like a month ago maybe but the idea that three cows were thought to be washed to to see actually survived they swam to the Outer Banks in North Carolina three cows in accounts could swim I know they could tip because I'm from wonder lake I know you can take a cow I think we need to get or in online I do not know the cows are good swimmers specially ocean swimmers my time to get the signs of like no wake if you're not a good swimmer if you're not a a really good experience swimmer stay on the lake or the ocean this house didn't seem to care about that signed jump right in maybe they were a clot accounts and I have no idea but how about that they survived and the downside is that they will probably be slaughtered for meat at some point but congrats for surviving her came and start there Disney plus putting out warnings and some of their old films warn viewers at the film's contain outdated cultural depictions I can tell you that I don't know what the I saw this article there was some controversy to it the concept of a the real Disney did not respond to common I'm like I I don't know is anyone really have a problem with flashing up and may you know may I add leading the trance sexual situations cultural it'll be that'd be like mature audiences TV fourteen sexual situations adult language cultural depictions this is gonna be alright I'm okay with that doesn't mean I'm not gonna watch American horror story yeah locally got talk sports Kobe what last night I I made a mistake at the end the program last night I said that his seven three pointers was a record for the game no that was the fourth quarter he put seven three pointers up in the fourth quarter last night franchise record to have a franchise record in twenty nineteen when you think about all the put the judge Bushire played on this thing Bobby Hansen was chucking up threes Craig Hodges Kobe white nice job kid take that seven threes in the fourth quarter keep doing that Jane to die there for sure and the little white Sox news recon the GM told reporters today that Jake Berger J. burger was a first round pick two years ago twenty seventeen I think he hurt his knee in any he blew out his Achilles heel his Achilles is not fully healed he was supposed to be was on track to play this fall he has not played yet in their questions about whether or not he would be ready prepared and ready to contribute for any sort of spring training activity with the white Sox all of Twitter six Twitter calling HIM baseball's Kevin white not not good when you're talking I think it was the eighth overall in twenty seventeen so it doesn't look or some bad luck for the kid hopefully he gets back on track and we get CJ burger on the on a on a in a white Sox uniform it then she rates sometime soon all right so doesn't take aways from today's news we got have the Sharon coming up I left some of the Springfield stuff off so we could talk to her about it and she's coming up right after the seventh or news to stay with us this holiday don't.

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