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Radio sports i'm steve woman's doc rivers urging president obama's give all operations for the la clippers speaking with the la times tonight about the clippers trade earlier in the day that sink chris fall to the houston rockets rivers said at the end of the day when you lose cp it's a big loss i thank you for the years he was here berbers also went on to say paul left because he wanted to be with james harden let's not get a twisted paul had told the clippers tuesday that he appointed signing a free agent contract with the rockets clippers able to work out a trade acquiring seven players including patrick beverley lou williams and sam decker along with a protective firstround pick in cash considerations rockets that coach mike dan tony at a press conference nine houston on his new backward this great to have all of in a good thing about a lot of people while they play together ones i'll go through all that he would say what it was bad things that they get the good things what they it can do together at a way outweighs the bad things like the usa basketball i derive go on to go to stay you said around all day and say while they what work well guess what it does because they wanted to work because balls being acquired in a trade he'll be eligible for eight five year contract with his new team worth over two hundred and five five million dollars marcellus wily joints pretty komen bottom on the hour to talk about paul's time in los angeles nick owner james dolan said in a statement today the team is going in a different direction dolan anti president phil jackson agreeing to part ways after three years baseball it's raining in chicago they continue to play in the yanks up eight few on the white sox in the seventh aided independence double header has every chechen the yankees space least rival josh donald cinema blue jays followed by red sox rangers coverage scotch at 1230 eastern on the fourth of july on espn radio presented by exxon mobil the he's ekeus freddie and what you will on espn radio on the espn at what is good brothers and sisters to joining me ready gorbunov freddie fits under the espn app and siriusxm channel eighty presented by progressive insurance by the way you could save hundreds on your car business of recreational vehicle insurance.

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