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But still i don't know why you send merrill kelly back out there when you know that he's probably going to be one of your better trade chips here at this point in time. We saw some pretty strong carlos. Rodion money against valdez. Is the white sox with a nice series win over the houston astros. And i've talked about this before but we saw from rebel does take money pretty much across the board. Is i seven or eight starts. That hasn't happened here of late and in fact. The market's been against him so maybe the sports books have kind of overcompensated a little bit for all of that valdez steam. Early in the year but He was against on sunday and the white sox did win that game. Money came in against the mariners on sunday. And it was logan. Gilbert against patrick sandoval gilbert's been outstanding for the mariners. Since getting called up from triple eight tacoma salesman pretty good too. I understand where the market was. With regards to that. Move off the mariners. They just keep winning games. In spite of what a lot of their metric. Show tie on the new york. Yankees took money in sunday night baseball against the boston. Red sox that was a fade of martine peres not really a surprise to see a fate of martin perez there but the yankees continued to take money. The betting markets really still like new york. There are a lot of reasons to like new york and the yankees even took some money in this series of being a little bit shorthanded as well. Maybe that could have been a also a fate of the red sox. I guess you could certainly point to that too but You know the yankees taking a lot of money out there on a pretty regular basis. I am betting markets lastly. I'm surprised we didn't get more of a mike. fulton fade. although. I didn't do it so i guess that's my own fault but fulton avid scheme up like ten runs. Four home runs in that starting against the blue jays. He's been awful everywhere but especially looking to feed him on the road. I don't know how much longer the rangers can watch that. But at the same time it might use him as a sacrificial lamb and let him eat up. Some innings can kind of protect some of their younger arms here on monday. Lots of blanks on the bedding board overnight. Not a ton of probable starters listed for these games here but there were some noteworthy moves including a move down in the mets reds game. It's drought i cough going vladimir gutierrez. Look now i think the market is is not a fan of the cincinnati reds. Here you know this offenses leveled off quite a bit. Casio's been good teller males been fine. Starters have been okay there bullpens really bad though so we saw some mets money hit the overnight board for that game against the reds. They're the giants and the dodgers. I mean this is obviously the headline line. Move of day massive. Move here on the dodgers and tony taking on the giants and kevin gausman. Now this one's going up about thirty cents here. And i do think that we get some san francisco buyback as the day goes along. There probably are some concerns about galveston because he was gone over the weekend went back to louisiana. His wife was having some complications with her pregnancy. So gallstone went down there. Apparently everything is okay and hopefully everything is ok enough for him to go back and make this start here. Who supposed to pitch on friday. Now gets the start on monday..

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