Chicago, Miller, Montgomery discussed on Sean Hannity


Hand at the twenty six yard line explorers running onto the field X. Robinson woman for Chicago it's cold as the bears break the lady news media one of the lead with Robinson in the slot Miller round one to the right for this you back in the second play clock it to this he takes the snap fix the Montgomery back to Tennessee looks he looks produced the movie was let it slip compressor to this he's gonna take it and one to the sideline he stepped down to twenty eight data to Gerry Davis sports about abounds now that'll bring up third down and seven with nine fifty five to go on the game lines on top twenty to seventy you know it's not even an extra I thought you were right he was in for Charles little with little reply next no one was hurt it is with your global little lost issue that's why he had to come out of the game third down and seven now second step into this feedback with really good support and recipes thank you three hours yes this they did a lot of pressure on you today it is time in this year which is the Trey flowers against little it was a this is one of those is getting old.

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