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Hold the snappers down the kickers up. I carpenter would give the bills a three to nothing lead on the very next drive. Well, Andre Johnson did something that he doesn't normally do after a couple of big catches to move the ball down the field. Something happening. Normally do. He gets the snap hits odd rate. Johnson underneath a thirty six yard live all comes out last moment. And there's a fight for it. We've got extra shoving Dwayne Brown getting into it with Marcel. Darius now Brandon Brooks and a flag comes down, and we got a mess. Meanwhile, the bills have the football and that was the most important aspect right there. The bills got the ball with a three to nothing lead in a game where it appeared as if points were at a premium they would get seven deandre Hopkins mate Sammy Watkins a rookie for the buffalo. Bills took one in from five. I five gets the snap. Who's gonna throw underneath savvy Watkins touchdown buffalo boy looked dicey. Because to that point the Texans had gone putt. Putt putt. As I mentioned the Andre Johnson fumble. And then on the suing driving interception. It did not look good. But the defense would hold forcing a punt after the interception. They will get the ball back at the twenty yard line and market eight plays in eighty yards. Well, they actually took it forty five yards in on this play. Ryan Fitzpatrick would look for Sammy Watkins teammate at Clemson deandre Hopkins. Hopwood take it thirty five yards to the house and make this one a little bit closer as we took it into half. Fitzpatrick gets the snap stepping up fiery Gaffey Hopkins..

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