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Five forty we've been talking get into GM. And. He said everything you want to hear. And that's fine. And my mother said actions speak louder than words. So we'll see what actions are in the next couple of months, the expect something to happen today. No. I'm just that come out about the three headed GM that's left behind and he said, he's gonna talk to sandy and all that and has to be taken care of and the Grammy probably win the Cy Young. So there's little things I think of pop up, but. Let's see what your are on the next couple of weeks months leading up to spring training. Let's go to Chuck in Richmond. Chuck you're on the fan. Hey, Tony how you doing? All right, man. How about that? My man. Yeah. I don't think bound bandwagon. Is that far off man Metzler? You know, they played over five hundred baseball in the second half of the season. You don't want some guy healthy McNamara going to cover off the ball Wheeler one of the best second half of any. You know, any starting pitcher in the league. And I I see reader for optimism with the Mets. I mean, of course, you know, we got a couple of holes, but you know, gonna have to that offense into the bullpen. I think the Mets and definitely a E next year. I mean, I would say obviously Machado Alonzo can get a packet started for maybe a real Muto. And then you know, you your bullpen arms. And then I think the Mets gonna be back on top. Far away. I I don't know about that far yet because I if everybody stays healthy, and I'm not even an forget about. I'm not even put him in the conversation. But if guys stay healthy, and they got a good chance if they like you said, but what he has to do in the next. Couple of months is he's got to plug a lot of holes. You got it. Yeah. Catch. I mean like you said is catcher and third though. I don't think we promise he's gonna be coming back centre Conforto in you know, you put somebody like I said Machado on thirty you get removed on. I think the Mets are team that can be really dangerous, especially with the way, you know, the ground Syndergaard and Wheeler look, you know, pitching wise some help in the bullpen. But I don't think we're that far away. And I think what you meant my comments is win. Now that you know, we got a team that came when now they can't learn on doing something, at least, I hope so forth change. I'll look backing up. Can you win can win the NFL these today with this group? No. I only played they played, you know, a little bit better in the second half. But no, it's not a championship team. They have to add some pieces. Rea- multo said today, he's not resigning is not going to sign a long term contract. Now, he's got a couple of years before the free agent. But. All star. That that might solve the problem. What what's it gonna take? Are you committed to Alonzo playing I? Was see a bargaining chip. Could they be a ninety one club? Yeah. If they make the right deals. This current club. Could you get the five hundred? Yeah, I guess. But you have you know, you've gotta gluttony outfield. You gotta Gladys first base. You don't have a third base. You don't have a catcher second short seemed to be fine. Austin Jackson, the new lagaras, you keep him. Will you go back to the and it'll be going to get hurt? Again. Let's go to Dimitrius in Hoboken Dimitrius. What's going on? Only how you doing. All right, man. What's up? Things I want to bring up with. I just want to tell about this whole GM. You know, it's it's you know, you could tell the message just, you know, trying to hybrid, you know. Against the players were not. So basically, you know, I feel like he kind of came in with his inside. You know, you, you know. The manager. And then you've got the other. Well, the other guys in the front office that have the experience with there's only so much you could do, but you know, the previous caller certain, you know, right now. Fan, but I'm also like to follow in baseball. But right now the analysis kinda like up for grabs. You got three teams or another rebuilding phases. You know, you've got the Marlins you got you see what's Washington though. They broke that down. Right. So this is pretty much like the the pretty much the perfect time to actually get ahead of the ball. Atlanta and Phillies up it'll come into. But you know, they don't have the starting rotation that too much have, you know, the to those workhorses that can, you know, carry game, you know, the team on their backs if they really are firing all cylinders, but you know, like, I said. Any GM hiring? You're gonna you're gonna hear fan or journalists or whatever you gonna they're gonna tell you exactly what you want. If he came up and said, you know what I think we can win championship in the in the fifth year. Nobody wants to hear that. Nobody wants to you know, you know, action. They wanna see. Feel now. So we're real quick on this whole situation with. You know, pretty much adding more fuel to the fire. What's going on with the organization? You know, I'm from Hoboken. I know exactly what the situation, and this is this goes to show the character that he has, you know, it's pretty much something that probably getting drafted. They probably missed on it. You know? On his commitment on certain things. But you know, earlier there were talking about that he got summoned today before at the same location pretty much trapped them today. Yeah. Were saying that there's usually a bottleneck to get out of Hoboken. We all going get too far away to come toward, you know, what's going toward MetLife. So basically when you up the hill and whatnot usually, and the reason why I'm telling you this because I got some I gotta take a couple of years back for being patient and trying to get up get the hell out of the traffic. And usually when you go up there, the Cobb is pretty much. It's it's something tale. Are you trying to trying to make the right to go up the ramp to get onto the? This is what it is. When you come up. All can you pass the we all can police municipality at the light? There's a fork you make a left, right. There's a little light there. You gotta make a right all about an extra one ramp onto four ninety five. Okay. So when you go walk that little hill, and we all get the small town. So you know, they gotta details. Like, it's every day. There's two cops. There's the fork there at the first light Nikola, right? When you make a right to go onto four ninety five. So what I'm thinking he tried to go around everybody. You know, and that goes to show you that you were running late. You were running late. And that's not that today. But yesterday that they didn't catch you. But they issue a summons and said it through the mail. Okay. And then they got you because they think you're gonna go there, and it goes to show you like what are you thinking? If you know, you gotta be at MetLife. I say ten in the morning. What why are you win for the last there? Russian a mess there. Anyway with all. And if you don't that's the only way you gotta get outta there. The why you it goes to show you questions. The character has a person's like listen, everybody out here. Like who doesn't think you're getting paid to play a sport take it serious? It's like if you're not committed to Cleveland only to get there early. What goes to show you? What goes to tell? You about him is are you taking your job serious beam behind somebody? Everybody was crying. Well, you like this, and like, you know, early Mike set it on the radio like fifteen years you ever heard of anything off the field other than you know, with the whole memorabilia and stuff like that on Eli part. But you know, it's like you dropped it on the US pick on him. And I gotta deal with this year. You know, the repercussions to what's going to happen. Anybody that disobeys a coach time Montgomery or along with the law because what happens it's either you're gonna get the boot release. Now, you gotta think about another planet. It's like, well, we gotta go regardless. We to Jeff another quarterback, and it has other the way, but just you know, it goes to show you like the giants actually do their homework thoroughly prior to the fourth round draft pick. You know, people make mistakes, they get a second chance. The problem is on the verge of getting your first chance. You think you'll be activated? When they come back from the break. I mean, ideally, I just finished out the your the quarterback to try and figure out something next year because he's not going anywhere. Makes you wonder if they ever could fix the offensive line. What would happen to this team? Let's go to Anthony a queens. Tony what's up? Hi, tony. What's up? Oh, how you doing? Doing well doing well. I Tony you got to agree with this. I mean, what might be today was pretty bad. I didn't hear business. You can't what's the guy going to say. No what a loser. Take twenty five years to get better. Little conflict. You gotta look when he said we will win now. Well, will they I don't know. We'll see what looks like a couple of months. But if he said, you know, I think this team really stinks and. See now, you say that it might be maybe a one hundred percent honest. People paying money for tickets and see the season. They wanna give me some reason to buy tickets, you tell me stinks. Wait a minute. I don't need to buy tickets. Then. I mean, it's bad enough. We haven't heard from for GM owner in years. Alienate everybody really, it's just ridiculous. It's crazy, and Tony anyway, listen, we're gonna know next. Couple of months the question is this. And I said is this kind of puppet was he gonna stand up and punch in say listen enough of that nonsense. This be gotta do to win, you know, the nine unless they're gonna start releasing cheap. Bruce and Frazier. The Mexican a bunch of square pegs. So if you don't see them biting the bullet and the leasing a Jay, Bruce or releasing fridge and getting creative women's brand purgatory with them. Space. That was the most ridiculous thing to play first. They said Dominic Smith. You gotta Kim the minor leagues. It just makes no sense. What they do. It never makes any sense. That doesn't square peg round hole since cream Jeffrey, Kevin Mitchell, and once they're wealth. It's always fights back with the with the wolves. Do a my way. This is a. Fearless is what I'm curious about. He says, we're partners partners. Can you overrule the owners that you know, we're gonna do it my way that's what we're gonna find out back with some more Mets in football after this. This week..

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