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Today. I don't know if you're aware of the fact, but many people have said before, and I'm sure you've funk it yourself. Why does Donald Trump do this? How come he could do this? But he didn't do this. And why is he doing that? And it all boils down to Trump is the Oval Office by himself and say just do this. No, he's got staff. He's got people get together and advise things like that. We just heard Jerrold Nadler the psychotic bastard on a New York talking about Trump can act like a tyrant and put money across for the wall and his well. Yeah, you can actually, you know. Oh, let's digress. For a second here. Donald Trump's trying to build a wall. Donald Trump's trying to build a wall because we the thinking elected him to build a wall. We want a wall we sent him to DC to Bill. He started talking about it. But everybody resonated with it because that's what we were all thinking. And because he's a man of the people because he's a multi-billionaire with dirt under fingernails like the rest of us. We're not multibillionaires but as with dirt under a furnace. We upset them to DC and immediately. He was set up on by the Republican party. They hate him. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell. They hate them hate them. They've they've just since the beginning worked against him. They've done it in very close to sways Trump travels at the speed of congress. I'm astounded how many people say, well, how do you like Trump? Now, he's not getting anything done. Like, you said he would Trump travels at the speed of congress. That's why we have a a Republic it isn't like a dictatorship. Now that being said Trump's gonna address the nation tomorrow night. Trump has I think I just a post on this about a hundred and ten billion dollars hundred ten billion dollars at his disposal in the defense budget. That's just sitting there hasn't been used for anything yet doesn't have anything where somebody saying, hey, we want we want to make this happen over here. Let's let's put a grant proposal together he controls that. So quite legit. Quite legally constitution. Trump could reach down into that budget and say I'm taking thirty billion dollars on building a wall. I'm praying. That's what he's going to address the nation tomorrow night at nine o'clock. No, congress is going to stand for this little they'll freak out, and they'll bluster stamped Cantuta. Think about the literally can't do anything about some judge rule against it. But Trump could completely ignore it. It could run up to the supreme court, and they're gonna read the constitution say, you know, what he has access to the money. There's a damn thing you can do about it. So I'm praying. That's what he's going to do. I'm I'm hoping and praying that he will do that rather than humor congress, but she's been trying to do because he wants to make it look like they're part of the team. They're not part of the team they're working against him. And so is something called the community to save America. And we'll get to that. And just a minute. But first, let's see what to say, Paul. You emailed me. You've got some kind of situation going on in Bloomfield hills. What's this about? Thank you for letting me be on your show. I started public access TV show a couple years ago because I wanted to get get people on the TV on TV that had conservative slash libertarian points of view TV show air. How would you even see it? Wow. Inside public access, but I also started a YouTube channel. Hey. Whoa. Hang on public access where let's get all the details out. I where public access if you turn on the TV where would it have been or where is it? Now tv. Well it air. Well, it aired in the community of Birmingham. Bloomfield hills Bloomfield Township. Okay, ravioli hills and being so it's out there bit north of Detroit, and I know the area. Well, so okay. So if you live in that area, and you had cable TV, they have community access channels. I see him in the People's Republic of and Arbor, you would have picked up that show. Now when did that show air what time what days of the week or was it on request or what? Well, it would air Tuesday nights. I think it was eight thirty and then Thursday's around noon. So if people wanted to see it they could set the recording Ford on a DVR or they could just tune in. And it was a regular function. How long did you do that for? About two years. Not quite a run. Okay. So what's the problem? What happened? Well, shortly after I started this show. I was very fortunate to get Dave age to a peer. So he drove about three hours from the west part of the state to come to the studio. He talked about. Illegal immigration, and radical Islam. He made the comment. Mohammed was a pedophile. And you know, anybody who wants to Google each I think they'll conclude the same thing. But because of that immediately and this is tape, so it's not lie that show never aired. Greg Kurowski, the general manager canceled my show because he felt Dave was defaming the listened to let me ask you this before we going further, and I'm on your side. But what we're going to what you're talking about here. But David Jemma got got targeted and painted with that brush, a while back was it because of your show. I remember he was had you got kicked off the Republican bigwig was a national chairman, whatever it's called or somehow torpedo because that was that directly because of your show or was he saying that other places as well. Other places. Nice that show. Never aired. Okay. Got it. Okay. Now to this day. Did did did they say to you? We're not hearing it because you're defaming Islam. What are they actually say to you verbally as to whether near it? Well, actually, I have an Email from Greg Kurowski, and he said. Yeah. He's still the manager still the manager the general manager, right? He he said defamation violates the policies and procedures manual. Well, hang on a minute defamation would be something you're saying to insult somebody if Mohammed married a seven year old girl and then consummated, wink, wink, nod, Don in other words, took her to bed when she's nine that is pedophilia. I agree. So. A general manager net. Did you have you spoken with him directly? Does he not know that? Well now that happened back in December of two thousand sixteen. Do you ever did you ever go? Did you ever voice voice face to face? A what what if you don't see this as a definition of pedophilia, sir? What do you see if you said that to him? No, I I went over to the township supervisor, which is Leo Savoy. I unfortunately, had bag and plead with him to reinstate my show. We we we we're gonna we're gonna get to that. But I'm we're taking this piece at a time, and I've got a break coming up here. So you hang tight we'll talk after the commercials. Okay. Okay. It sounds to me like you need some kind of redress even in.

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