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Partly cloudy low 62 right now, 60 with clear skies at 8 30 were funded by you, our listeners and by Chevalier Theater in Medford Square, presenting a conversation with Stacey Abrams Monday, October 25th. Tickets and info at chevalier theater dot com. Marketplace is supported by GDP, helping transform supply chains with strategy services and software, including GDP, Smart ngp next AI based digital procurement and supply chain platforms. How are you feeling about where you spend your money? Have your habits changed? Because the economic recovery kind of depends on that from American public media. This is marketplace. Marketplace is supported by Charles Schwab. Schwab understands that wealth management is personal. That's why Schwab offers flexible, personalized financial planning crafted for their investors. Individual goals. Learn more at shop dot com. And I see three AI c three. Ai software enables organizations to use artificial intelligence at enterprise scale solving previously unsolvable problems. See three A. I. This is Enterprise Ai. In Baltimore. I'm Amy Scott in for Kyra Stall. It is.

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