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Employer. Hi this. Senator Nicole cannizzaro every day in my job at the district attorney's office, and when speaking with my family, I hear about the challenges we face in Las Vegas and across Nevada because of opioid misuse addiction. It's time to do something about it and start saving lives. One thing. Any one of us can do is make a commitment to safely dispose of any unused prescription medicines doing so can help make sure someone else doesn't misuse them. In short this helps prevent addiction. Make a commitment to clean out. Your home medicine cabinets locations across the state except unused medicines for safe disposal to find a take back location until learn more about safe storage and disposal of prescription medications. Visit rally envy dot org. That's our A L. I envy dot org. Let's all make a commitment. Together. We can help save lives paid for by the Rx abuse leadership initiative out is back and better than ever. Teamed up with the southern Nevada women's expo at the Rio. Sweets casino resort or a two day event may eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of booth entertainment and fun all dedicated to the Las Vegas if you'd like to connect your business with thousands of women who attend assist you with ship and booth opportunities. Call to call at seven zero two seven three zero zero three five three to get all the details about seven zero two seven three zero zero three five three to join us at divas day out on may eighteenth and nineteenth. And now a quick comparison from grasshopper when a client calls. What do you want them to hear your personal voicemail? Hey, Greg cellphone. I'm away right now..

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