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All right. Let's get right to it. So big takeaways from Bill price steps. Now, what we have a portions of his testimony being public. What he set up on the hill. Takeaway number one. This one's I'm going to go with the mile this first into the biggest bombshell at the end. He he tries to deflect many times price that when asked about the mouse seasons the FBI investigation at the Trump, the spy gate controversy the Clinton investigation and others. He talks about a lot of these investigations. And he says, hey, listen, I was appointed into this role as the head of the counter until the vision I inherited the investigation that's his quote now, I led with the mildest I because I'm going to be candid with you my experience a federal agent. I was a secret service agent for twelve years working cases for about seven of those. And it is not uncommon to inherited case. And Joe, I know you kind of dig these inside baseball stories. Yeah. The way this happens is people in field officers when I got transferred to the Melville field office on Long Island, New York from the New York field office, someone got transferred out now that person has a bunch of criminal cases. They're working they can no longer work because they're not located in the office. They can be called to testify, of course. But they're not going to be the lead agent on the case anymore. So you inherit cases halfway through which again, folks, I gotta tell you. It's pretty annoying. You never worked a case. You never met the bad guys. You never interviewed him. You gotta read through case files and try to understand people. You've never met. I went to trial on a case like that. And and I I remember the case like it was yesterday, and I have to tell you. It was a train wreck. I was new I just didn't really understand what was going on in the case as well as I should have despite reading it fifteen twenty times price steps trying to wiggle out of this saying, hey, I inherited these things I didn't pick these teams I didn't pick Peter stroke so to be fair to price step. And I think he may be trying to do the right thing here in some respects inheriting, an investigation is tough. He should've sensed what was going on. But that was one take away from it the mildest, but there's another one in here. There's a couple other big bombshells. Here's the other one. He talks about these transfers into this division right after the Hilary Clinton Email investigation is opened up..

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