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Or difficult situations if she did decide to go back to Russia and play or visit friends and family. I don't think anything's come out directly in terms of repercussions yet, but obviously she's probably got family and friends still living there. So I mean, she's obviously decided to kind of come out and say this is more important to her than living a lie or hiding who she truly is and she said she couldn't live in her skin anymore. Without coming out. So I think yeah, really bold brave brave move and we just hope that, you know, this doesn't negatively impact her in any way because unfortunately we know we don't know firsthand, but it's a very difficult thing, someone from Russia to do and to say, but she knows she's got a public platform, so obviously the positive repercussions inspiring others and just getting out there is hopefully going to be more worth it and I think that's where she was coming from. So we wish her all the best and yeah it's obviously the situation with the war. Even without that, it would be obviously a bold move but with that it just kind of adds another level, doesn't it? So yeah, really, really brave of Kazakh keener. I mean, we've got some other talking points from the week Joel as well without wanting to kind of move on from a very serious topic, but we do have some other, I guess, more direct tennis related news as well. First of all, is that Naomi Osaka split from her coach, women for set. They've decided to part ways. They've been together for a couple of seasons. She's won two slams under his under his remit, but yeah, decided to go there. They're separate ways. I think it doesn't seem a surprise. And I'm just curious to see who will snap him up next because he's obviously a top top coach and there's probably plenty of players out there who would love to start working with him. Yeah, emirati. Old margherita, I don't know. Yeah, I think this is very interesting because I think the set is a very proven coach. And I wonder if he just got a little bit frustrated with maybe the lack of maybe the lack of time that the soccer has been spending on the tour. I get that she's been injured, she had an Achilles injury. She didn't play Wimbledon. I think the first round of French Open as well in May. So I wonder if there was a little bit frustration in terms of her, you know, it may be in his views being like a part time player on the tour sort of picking and choosing a tournament to play and he maybe felt like he needed a full-time player that he could that would be an enjoy full challenge to him and maybe they felt that he just had run its course. They have had great memories together, always remember that U.S. open triumph that they've had and yeah it feels to me like they've now got kind of different priorities and for facet. I think he'll be looking and ideally would want to play a who is going to listen, learn and again, maybe someone like an ever adequate who just wants to get his insight all his kind of top top level knowledge what it takes to coach Grand Slam champion and bring it into their bring it into their into their coaching setup and for me I sort of said Emma RADA khanu but I do think it would be great for someone like that to bring for set on versus muguruza who's already been there as a Grand Slam champion. I certainly think the biggest potential if I was like an up and coming player I think was yeah would be to snap, snap up someone like a facet who yeah has that experience to go with him. Yeah, for sure. I think that would be a good move. And yeah, I don't think it's a surprising news, as I said, but we'll see what Osaka does. I think she's coming back to the San Jose event in a couple of weeks. So spin out since rodan Garros been a while. So be curious to see if she can get her. Her hardcore mojo back quickly. Do you think she could go coachless? Why not? I mean, I honestly wouldn't surprise me if she won the U.S. open. She's won it twice before and she's been out for a while. She could be she could come back with an absolute blast, didn't she? I mean, or she could not. I wouldn't surprise me either way. She's too good a player to not be able to reach that level again, isn't she? So we'll see. We'll see. Let's look slightly more short term, Joel. The next week ahead, we've got a couple of tournaments talking of the U.S. open swing. We've got the Atlanta event, two 50 for the ATP side of things. This draw, I think, is absolutely. It's going to be one by an Australian or an American as well. Yeah, I think 20 out of the 24 players in the draw are either Australian or American, so there we go. There's a few others, I think there's a Quentin House of France, Ilya ivashka, who is technically playing as a neutral but is Belarusian scene whoo corner of Korea. And Benoit paire is the other non U.S. or Aussie, but there we go. Kiryu is playing. He's also playing the doubles here with, I think, cocking akis. So that'll be exciting. And I think you've just put on the notes here, Isner has won this loads of time. Yeah. So expect him to potentially win it again. It's John is to lose. No, yeah, I'm curious to see how kyros gets on. Nakashima is welcome. I know you're excited about that. We've got Jack sock there on a wild card, Jack sock did pretty well at a thought at Wimbledon. Quite tough opener against Tommy Paul. But yeah, I think that would be quite an interesting one to watch. Interestingly, curios cocking accus and Alex de menor are in this like quite packed like Aussie quarter in the top half of the draw. So be interested to see who comes out of that triage is also James Duckworth in there. So yeah, it would be interesting to see nice to see also curios and cocking nakas back. Playing doubles and we also have the kitzbuhel event in Austria, a two 50 clay surface tournament. Surprise, surprise Kim, caspar rude isn't there. He was going to play it, but he has withdrawn Ramos vinolas has taken his place at the top of the seedings.

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