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This month that your local Napa auto care center when you get a premium oil change with a cabin air filter. You also get a fifteen dollar mail-in rebate, which means the pros do the job that you get paid what your premium oil change in a cabin air filter and save fifteen bucks. At Napa auto care quality parts installed by the pros. That's Napa know how know-how participating Napa auto care centers. Offer ends four hundred nineteen. Well with the qualifying mattress of to a six hundred ninety nine dollars value, absolutely free. Hurry in your budget stretches further at mattress firm research supply. Call one eight six six seventy zero six two two zero for credit cost and terms for new accounts. Represents subject to credit approval valid at participating occasional. Visit mattress firm dot com slash sale. L Kate you pick your part over a million parts from hundreds of cars to choose from. All the parts you need and. It's easy. Check out our new part. Search feature on our website, l can you pick your dot com. Sign up the garage. Download our garage Tampa get into notifications on your vehicle women comes to an elk you pick your part near you. Find the parts you need and save today. L pay you pick your part what's in your garage. Bourbon boards. March madness sales event is happening. Now, save thousands of MS RPM on f one fifty explorer, Mustang it escape with zero percents financing available for seventy two months on select models. And we don't have what you're looking for will find don't miss your chance to save big stop by urban four to get the best deals of the year before they're gone fine firm and four twenty minutes from west case downtown Tampa and Saint Petersburg, just one mile south of countryside. Molly Clearwater or online twenty four seven and Berman four dot com. Pep customer appreciation celebration with savings. We really appreciate by three Cooper adventure. HT eighty or tour tires get the fourth free. Plus get an additional sixty dollars back by manufacturer mail-in rebate and pep includes free one year rotate assistance, free linemate check and free lifetime tire rotation. You'll really celebrate these savings the pep boys appreciation celebration yell through March thirty first four tires package required. See restrictions pepboys dot com. At IDC, you're going to see more diamonds and diamond jewelry than you ever imagined in one place at prices, you never thought possible owner, Keith LeClair. Nobody's ever accused me of not having enough diamonds. I get over fifty thousand diamonds in stock all shapes all sizes all price points. We're talking thirty times the selection of ordinary jewelry stores all at rock-bottom. No middleman prices, right? We refuse to be beat on any diamond any price anywhere period and relax at IDC. There's no. Pressure. No commission sales people, no pricing games. In fact, we'll show you the inside secrets of the diamond industry and teach you how to maximize value at IDC. You get to buy like a dealer buys all this. Plus a free lifetime warranty on any purchase a one hundred ten percent diamond upgrade guarantee and over four thousand designer rings you won't find anywhere else. We are the eight hundred pound gorilla and you'll see the difference a minute you walk in the store. International diamond sit here in the market to buy a diamond, and you don't come to IDC. You're nuts. Clearwater. Are you ready for some good news at sun Toyota dot com, we simplify the way you can buy a newer pre-owned vehicles. Within seconds will provide you with a free credit score and loan preapproval. You'll be able to choose the loaner lease payments to best fit your budget, and which your room the go. You can arrange a test drive or complete your purchase in the comfort of your home or office with one visit the sun Toyota dot com. You can get all the information you need to make an informed decision. If your home was built before nineteen seventy five I haven't important message. You need to hear homes built before nineteen seventy-five were Bill with cast iron pipes that are corroding right beneath your feet. Many homeowners are unaware and your pipes may be decaying completely out of sight, this ticking time bomb can lead to devastating water damage to your home. Our firm is currently representing thousands of Florida homeowners to make their insurance companies pay to replace and repair their pipes. Our lawyers have successfully won money for clients to repay their homes, but your time to folic lane maybe limit..

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