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The Health Benefits of Turmeric



A bit of background about Turmeric Turmeric is a spice from the temperate. Plunked is is commonly used in Asian cuisine and has a yellow colored chemical which often gives the coloring to curry's for example cold cumin and again it's also used to flavour different Asian food as well. Curcumin is the main active ingredients and turmeric and has a powerful anti inflammatory effect is. It's a very strong antioxidant as well. You'll know from previous podcast episodes that anti-oxidants can help defend your cells from damage on this damages caused by potentially harmful molecules known as free radicals. It is worth mentioning before we continue this episode. That Cu Cuban human content of turmeric is not that high. It's around around three percent by bodyweight. Most studies conducted have looked at Turmeric extract which contain mostly itself so it's hard to get high doses of around one grandma day of curcumin just from the spice in your food. So we do want higher levels that you'd be to take it in a supplement of all so curcumin within turmeric is as anti inflammatory as I've mentioned and inflammation is important within the body to help your body fight foreign entities and help repair damaged in the short term however weather chronic inflammation can become a problem and scientists now actually believed that chronic load L. Inflammation can play a major role in a number of different conditions such as Heart Disease Cancer Metabolic Syndrome and many many more so the anti inflammatory properties of Kirkman Camby extremely beneficial. So what's actually going on here. Is that the curcumin is blocking a molecule called NF. K B that travels in the nuclei of your cells and it turns on the genes. The related to inflammation also believed play a major role in many chronic diseases. As of late as well there is evidence that suggests that turmeric can help alleviate. TV eight domes delayed onset muscle soreness a study called curcumin supplementation. Light play attenuates delayed onset muscle soreness looked at oral curcumin intake in seventeen men to determine the effects of curcumin or muscle damage inflammation and domes in humans. So the seventeen people were split into Placebo Group you and the group that took two point five grams of curcumin twice a day on there were evaluated by looking at single leg. Jump Performance and domes following unaccustomed uh-huh heavy eccentric exercise on the study found the top twenty four and forty eight hours post. Exercise curcumin caused motorists large reductions in pain injuring a single leg. Squats and Sir sheets with that. Pain reduction was also a small increase in single leg. Jump Performance and a small reduction in creating kind as activity. Not and Can Rise of skeletal muscle injury and Turmeric can reduce these levels. Therefore reducing indicators of muscle damage potentially aiding being recovery but of course more research needs to be done on this finally curcumin. The active ingredients in Tamarac has also been linked to improve brain function. So Kirkman has been found to increase brain levels of be D. and F. which is brain derived neurotrophic factor not say grow fall known functions in your brain in aiding the ability of your new Ron's to form new connections annisten Ted may age or memory recall and cognitive

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The Health Benefits of Turmeric

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