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Cologne, Burberry, Kate discussed on Inside the Huddle


Blind on it Twitter to follow her thanks Jamie and yeah Cologne or not Cologne I think it is a big issue of the day as you know the day today I would say Cologne over not come home but it has to be used sparingly so the inside Brenda brown way I mean I've never been told by anybody that I wear too much Cologne after me yeah seven you hate Cologne to its core so you don't buy it light live sound of wearing a brown this morning when you get ready for work well there's a lot the next the brand and and it's not over powering I actually did wear out today yeah I got so okay yeah actually I would wear clothes smelled like the food they were about to sample here cell and if it's not good and if you net lake not to call my dad out our and everyone that my dad basin Cologne but you can smell it when it's coming up but he owns it I guess hi good place K. it's what is the use the Burberry third a guy to put to spray is one on the wrist rub together one of the neck that's all I do it's not it's not a lot I've seen people do a lot more trust me I got to Kate and case and you know there's a catch so well done because I've been out to happen I'll kick in my coverage for years this part of the formula all right I'm done this is All I Want for such an fifty double to get to get into.

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