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Gina grand bryant. Bishop this one is from september. Twenty seventeen it's rotten. Tomatoes game one hundred twelve. Jefferson plays around of tom cruise. Themed run tomatoes game. Check it out all right. Should we play the play the game. We got theme song. We got a theme. Tom cruiser name of the game makes their still does all right. So this is all crews movies. And we're picking the score the average critic's score not top critics. Not people just average critic score all right our first movie. Has tom. cruise as captain nathan. Algren american military officer hired by the emperor of japan to train the country's first army in the art of modern warfare two thousand. Three's the last samurai. you want to write down. your answer. Mangold directed yeah. I've but i'm always battery directors. I have no idea on this movie. I remember while it was. It was a book. Ryan edward zwick that respect artists. Yeah was it. A balk are making that up. Their books are all books a year. It looks like it was a book. And i should remember it being a big thing like i. It was a book and now we finally made it and movie but then it was a lot much much ado about the movie. But then it didn't really pan out so the big reveal of ken watanabe. That was his cow. Okay all right. Well i'm going to say the critics hated. I'm gonna say they didn't love it. I didn't hear a lot about it but probably a lot of nice period. Garbage sixty six percent eight percent fifty six percent sixty four percent. Well someone's on the nose and his name is adam karol as the last samurai is fresh and sixty six percent. I'll take a little credit to two percents. you're screwed. Because that means he gets a five point deduction get a five point deduction working sixty four. Always you heard me wrong. Our next movie I've never seen it. Blasphemy one random day in san fernando valley at dying father young male caretaker famous son police officers show host and estranged daughter become part of a dazzling multiplicity of plots but one story one thousand nine hundred ninety magnolia. How do you shake your hot and so humid. New idea shook his head like ever seen tom cruise. Play a character like this before. And i don't think he's played one like this. Since it was it was his last and final academy award less than five. I don't think he's ever get nominated. Many got him movies on so many all right. I've not seen this movie either. This movie i found a theater to see it at my own. Owns the. It's the when you walk into a guy's house and they have the dvd collection without fail. Nines there with maybe like bloodsport. It's always is that good movie. I'll see gene is trying to do here. The critics love this one paul. Thomas anderson's boogie nights. I am going to love boogie nights. And i used to work at the flask. Liquor store wor ernie anderson voice of. Abc paul's dad come. In ernie anderson was the guy who go. you'd be like someone's killing showgirls. And dan wants to know why next on. So that's great. And then they and then. It'd be like joanne wurley on the like. He was that ernie anderson was the bad seventies. abc. Charlie's angels love boat. Vegas he did all you got to find one of those And live over in. Like two luke Not to look alike sorta village or whatever it is off of colefax and ventura. There needs to come into the liquor store worked into. I worked in. When i was when i was in high school and he brings us holly. So yeah paulie bring. His brings a little kids in. Yeah i remember. I remember you ever want customer one. Nobody does it. Better ernie anderson. That brian whitman do those love. I love yeah great. Yeah so is it was always. It was always perfect to see. You gotta find some of those. They're the love boat. Vegas or charlie's angels all right. All right. great movie loved every second of it. Never stop watching it. I'm going to go eighty nine ninety three ninety. Four ninety to spread magnolia certified fresh eighty four but the people have eighty nine at twenty two point deduction that's way do you have He four. it's very long and it's in the frogs at the end of super weird ernie anderson wednesday. Chris is i witnessed a murder and the killer. Lots of i forget on jollies agent. Dan dan white slavers worth over twenty five thousand dollars on vegas wednesday god. I got air work. 'white-slavers chris an eye witness to murder and the killer. Plots bang on jollies angel. Santana sniffs on a ring of white. Slavers looks with twenty five thousand dollars on vegas wednesday. Every third episode of every tv show produced in the seventies was loosely based on a hot chick witnessing a murder and now she needed to be attacked him. I don't know what's going on with hot chicks today. But they don't see shit back in the seventies every third hot chick was a witness to something and somebody would always see the hot chick and go. Yeah that's the cobra was all about the hot chick. Witnessing something changed. has down smartphone on their smartphones. Now these their heads swivels lying works out hot chicks walking around..

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