Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams And TMZ discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ


Wendy williams. The Queen of gossip is in the midst of gossip herself. Very good. Apparently, reportedly, according to TMZ, Kevin hunter, a husband and also one of the producers for you know, Pippen's little show that I have occasion you've done plug in. Okay. His mistress gave birth this. Oh. Yeah. Mistress gave birth isn't that the number one side piece rule Elsie what decide peace cannot get hurt while I'm working on the show with my wife. Fire on the back about working with my wife for that week. I think just impregnating her is a bad idea. Well, that's that's the beginning of it. According to Z rumors have been swirling about the hundreds of med mistress gave birth in Philly on Monday after having gone into labour Sunday night the very next day. Kevin was onset. We're told the vibe is awkward. He don't on the show. But so far. But so far, Wendy and Kevin having shown their cards.

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