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Thing. I think is super fascinating about the mammal brain is really the way in which we Bank memories whenever things have the most emotion associated with it. We're more likely to remember that. Okay. So it doesn't matter whether it's positive or negative so be at a wedding birth of child, you know, or something super traumatic brain goes. Oh, that's still important. Remember it vacuum seals it. So that we hold onto that. And so this is why to our lives have different meaning and being able to to feel is a fundamental part of being human the mammal brain is really the feeling center. So as opposed to more of the fighter flight from the reptile, brain or mammal brains. They're still more of an unconscious of conscious things, but imagine that the Dewey decimal system of your brain sorts things affording to feeling when we're mammals. That's a preview of brain science. If you love where we're going with this send us an Email to get on the list to be notified the very moment. This show gets released Email us at editors at change while dot com in the subject line put in all caps brain

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