Best of The Herd: Andrew Luck


Then you go to Andrew luck and the colts. I wanna talk about Andrew luck. I'm I luck is the best quarterback. I've seen out of college. Since like, John Elway that doesn't mean he's going to be end up. The best depends on the support system the coach and all that talk to my audience about because because obviously Andrew luck you one. Of the better players took a roster a rebuilt roster with a battle line and no running game to the AFC championship. What separates luck his humility. I think he's one of those guys when you look at him. He's Andrew luck. Like, he he should be put on a pedestal. But that's not that's so far from the truth with Andrew he does not want to be treated any better than the last guy on the Ross now thank that. Humility piece is what draws everyone to his attention. And aside from that. I mean, he's a heck of a talent as you mentioned. He he has all the twos cerebral ability. I think he's his likeability is just through the roof the one area that I think Andrew has taken a step for this past is being able to adapt his game. You know early on. It was less dropback five seven, oh I wanted to notable deep all the time. And you know, we saw where Gat him he didn't he weren't able to finish some season. So I think he's matured in that level. And I think as some point Andrews gotta take about a horse and star raising his voice. Thank you. I this is my knock on Andrew. He always takes the blame. He is. He is almost to a fault. It's almost false humility. Yes, it is. Okay. Sometimes to call a guy out. So I was there for three years, and I never seen him scream at anyone for given up a sack dropping a catch. I get it. But all it takes is one time. You're not to do it all the time because Chokwe Gado he he didn't want coach. He wanted coaches to coach not just scream and holler. And do all that stuff is because sometimes it doesn't work Andrew's case all it takes is one time by Brady barks about twice a year. Oh, I've played against Brady and Brady will give it to the refs the offensive tackle the running back. The deepest guy. He screaming at everyone when it calls for it. And I think Andrew when he can it's not who he is. You know? So if you understand if Chris Ballard understands that's not who he is you go you go out and get offense Allama who can be Andrews kind of alter ego, and you go solve the

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