News in Brief 19 March 2019

UN News


This is the news in brief from the United Nations the humanitarian emergency caused by tropical cyclone ID in South West Africa is getting bigger by the hour. The UN's will food program or WFP said on Tuesday five days after the storm made landfall in Mozambique. At least at one thousand people are dead, there alone, although Malawi and Zimababwe were also badly hit victims are reportedly trapped by floodwater awaiting rescue you and agency said while across all three countries. Tens of thousands of lost their homes with roads bridges and crops washed away, here's Kristof billions from you and children's fund UNICEF many people are in disparate situations. Several thousand are fighting for their life that the moment sitting on rooftops in trees and other elevated arenas. This includes families, and obviously many children, according to WFP an estimated one point seven million people were in the path of the cyclone in Mozambique. In addition to the nine hundred. Hundred twenty thousand people affected in Malawi and thousands more in Zimbabwe. Eight access is the biggest challenge with WPA stuff on the ground reporting that the flooding resembled inland oceans extending for miles and miles with water above tree level. The agency has airlifted high energy, biscuits, water and blankets to people crammed on rooftops and elevated patches of land outside the port city of Beira when ninety percent of buildings damaged to the Human Rights Council now which has heard that the election of president Felix Chiesa, Katie in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is an extraordinary opportunity for the country to advance civil and political rights speaking to the council Geneva, you an assistant secretary general for human rights. Andrew Gilmour welcomed Mr. Tshisekedi's inaugural speech in January in which he made a clear commitment to respect citizen's rights and end discrimination. The president's recent decree ordering the release of all political prisoners was also to be welcomed, Mr. Gilmore said in an -ticipant of their actual. Will release and the closing of all unofficial detention centers, I measures if fulfilled would represent an exceptionally positive development towards the opening up of democratic space, which has been increasingly restricted in recent years during the electoral process such restrictions what we're obvious in the weeks just before and after the elections, the joint human rights office in the documented killing of at least thirty six civilians in elections related balance most guild by security forces using disproportionate use of force including live ammunition. The assistant secretary general's comments coincided with the publication of reported to DLC violence had rights abuses in two thousand eighteen it found that more than eleven hundred people were killed in conflict related violence almost nine hundred west subjected to sexual violence in war setting including two hundred seventy nine children, staying with the Human Rights Council. The form also heard a warning on Tuesday that people in Mali's central and northern regions are highly vul-. Amid a worsening security situation there. In addition to extremists to use molly's desert regions as a base and terrorized communities and upsets of government and the rule of law has prompted people to use violence to settle their differences. Independent expert L unity in said, delivering his report to the council. Mr. teen welcomed the fact that the presidential election took place in two thousand eighteen despite attacks by extremist groups against election officials, but he noted that there has been little progress in implementing the agreement on peace and conciliation in Mali more than three years after it was signed government. Authorities remaining capable of combating violence in the center and north of the country. The expert also warned noting that ambushes and the use of improvised explosive devices against security forces remain, one of the main threats to the peace process. Daniel Johnson UN news.

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