Asylum seekers returned from Mexico plead to stay in U.S.


This is the California report. Good morning. I'm lily, drew, Molly. And we begin today on the border to asylum seekers from Honduras had hearings in immigration court in San Diego yesterday. There's were among the first cases heard under the so-called remain in Mexico program in which asylum seekers wait in that country between their days in court KTBS, gene Guerrero has more the men were transported from church in Tijuana to San Diego with the help of immigration and customs enforcement on the US side. They listened to live Spanish translation of their preceding through headphones. Attorney Robin Bernard of human rights. I filed a motion for an evaluation of the men's fear F returning to Mexico. They received threats and the. Shelter that they're seeing has received threats for sheltering asylum-seekers. You know, there have been individuals at the shelter who who've been attempted kidnaps things like that. So they're pretty pretty scheduled to be there. The judge granted the motion. The men will remain in US custody until their fears are evaluated according to Bernard. The remain in Mexico program is being challenged in federal court pay the ACLU into other advocacy groups who say many asylum seekers are not safe in Mexico, particularly in Tijuana was just seeing record high

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