Pope Francis proposes 21 'reflection points' for discussion at abuse summit

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You don't see LaPierre Dalyell. She says Suadi, but in Francis addressed bishops and other church leaders from around the world this week there gathered for a summit about the clergy sex abuse crisis in the Catholic church there. Two more days of meetings to go fill Salvino is at the summit in Rome. He lives in Boston and he's a survivor of clergy sex abuse. We spoke with him earlier this week. And we wanted to check in with him again about the meetings so far fill at this summit meeting. Pope Francis has provided bishops Twenty-one reflection points, I have the list right here. And one of the first points is to make a practical handbook of steps to be taken by thorns when cases of sex-abuse happened at church. What do you think about that? They feared is swimming means bishops, and yeah, that's a great idea. But it really mazes me that such a handbook doesn't already exist. It hasn't been in place for you know, twenty thirty years. Have you looked at the this list of reflection points? I have I wish I had the list in front of me. But I was I I read it through quite closely last night. What do you think of it? When you read it, you think this is a good thing or do you think some something's missing? Well, I would leave to see that it was described as just a number of topics for them to think about in a way to sorta start conversations in directions that they might head into if this was a a list of of policies and procedures that they wanted to put in place. I would have been horrified. I mean, there are a few a few good things as they call for, you know, treating survivors with cairn with respect one of them. I forget which number. It was talks about hard to deal with false allegations of abuse. Which makes me is makes me crazy because I've been hearing that phrase ever since the early nineties when I went public. That there are people that were saying all this didn't really happen. These people just looking for money, but just trying to, you know, find ways to get money off the Catholic church in for, you know, for saviour to find the courage to go forward speak of their childhood experiences in public manner. And and then be told his has to be a false allegation. What you refer to it's written in these in these set of points says the right to defence the principle of natural and canon law of presumption of innocence must also be safeguarded until the guilt of the accused is proven. I mean in some ways that is, you know. That is that is the legitimate thing. It's not completely denouncing a charge of abuse. It's simply saying we have to prove it in. That's true nitty in criminal with any criminal charges. Have to proved the question is who's going to push been doing the investigation who's going to be be present one way or another fill? The pope says he wants concrete measures to be taken you told us earlier this week that one of your main concerns is that mandated reporting needs to happen reminds us what that is. And whether you think the Catholic church is moving in that direction to require that ended a reporting essentially means that if a Bishop learns that one of the priests within his diocese has been abusing a child or an analyst since this criminal behavior that we talking about it should be reported to civil authorities. Namely, the police investigation to be done. It should be done by people who trained to do such. Investigations, namely, the police in I talked to watch bishops soclean or about that at survivors meaning on Tuesday, and I was really kind of dismayed with his answer.

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