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I'm Carol hills. The day Saudi Arabia started allowing women to drive this woman insisted on being there. I'm telling you, Honey, I was counting the days. Like, I told my boss, I told my husband. I was like listen this day. We will be hope I am not traveling Saudi women, and they're changing culture ahead on the world. BBC news with Neil Nunez. The British government has decided to strip the citizenship over British teenager who traveled to Syria to marry an Islamic state fighter officials said Shamima Baker was eligible for citizenship in another country in recent days. She has given a number of interviews from a refugee camp saying she wanted to return to London for the sake of her newborn, baby. Thousands of people have attended rallies in Paris and other French cities in protest at a rising anti semitic attacks earlier, president macaroni promise to strengthen the law as he visited a cemetery near Strasbourg where more than ninety gravestones have been daubed with swastikas. The Venezuelan military has reaffirmed its support for President Nicolas Maduro rejecting a goal by Donald Trump to switch allegiance to the opposition leader one Guido appearing alongside senior members of the army. The defense minister said aid sent by the US and its allies would continue to be blocked. A US. Congressional committees has whistle blowers. Have accused the White House of rushing to transfer a highly sensitive nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia, the committee on oversight and reforms as such transfers could be in violation of the atomic energy act and require a review by congress. It's as the former national security adviser, Michael Flynn promoted the nuclear plans arou- between hunger is from Minister, Viktor Orban and the European Commission. Presidential Claude younger has deepened. Mr. young Vic to all bands. Right-wing finance spotty had no place in the mainstream centre-right bloc in the EU parliament the body. Has accused mister younger of favoring illegal immigration. Four people have been injured in an avalanche in the Swiss Alps police aids possible that others might still be trapped under the snow crawl Montano BBC world news support for the world comes from legalzoom with over seventeen years and more than two million customers. Legalzoom provides helpful support legal advice and transparency for business. Owners. More information at legalzoom dot com slash world. I'm Carol hills. This is the world where a co production of the BBC World Service PRI and W G B H in Boston Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia arrived in India today. And he was warmly greeted there by prime minister Narendra Modi the prince's previous stop Pakistan, where he also got the red carpet treatment, interestingly, the prince also known as m b s is touring the region at a time of heightened tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir in Pakistan NBS announced a twenty billion dollar investment deal, which the Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan seem to appreciate Saudi Arabia has always beat a friend for bogus. Thon Saudi Arabia has been a friend when bugs down as needed friends the friendship between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan does go away back, but for his part the Cy crown prince put the emphasis on the future. So we believe that Beckstein gotta be very very important country in the coming future. And you want to be sure that. Are part of that? So we are waiting for that kind of leadership to partner with and to a lot of things together in the west B S and Saudi Arabia may be facing a lot of criticism over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but the prince's current Asian tour shows the Saudis still have plenty of friends before Khashoggi's killing Saudi Arabia was spent

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