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This sort of strong Makassar is sponsored by Magellan TV dot com. Check out this new streaming service with your exclusive to month free trial by clicking over to Magellan, TV dot com slash astronomy cast now, this isn't a normal part of the ad, but I have to say the landing paid. They made for strong me. Cast is amazing. Once you get to Magellan, TV dot com slash astronomy cast, you can dive into a collection of documentary movies series and exclusive playlists designed by documentary filmmakers, this growing platform is adding new content weekly, and is already home to a who's who of the best productions from the overview of fact to the NSF funded seeing the beginning of time. There is an amazing selection of space astronomy related content watching four K from Roucou or on your computer or stream on. Any I o s or Android device? I lost track of a bunch of hours on Saturday afternoon diving through history, and you can explore the solar system traveled to distant stars and experienced the universe. Like never before. Once again, you can check out. This new streaming service with your exclusive to month free trial by clicking over to Magellan, TV dot com slash astronomy cast. Hi, everyone producer Susie here. We apologize for the lower quality audio this week, Pamela, experienced power outage that affected the saved audio files. So this show is being created from the audio from our YouTube street. Trying to cast episode five twenty five one hundred years international astronomically. Caster weekly facts based journey the cosmos help you understand not only what we know how we know what we know I presume came publisher of university with me as always Dr Pamela, gays senior scientists for the planetary scientists end the director Cozma quest penalty doing I'm doing. Well. How are you? I am doing. Well, also, did you survive all the excitement yesterday? It was a great day for people who are not don't know. We're talking about literally everything happened yesterday. Rockets. Relaunched lunar orbits were arrived at. Asteroid was hit tank weapon, which was great. What a great use for anti tank weaponry. Take more of that plea. Yeah. Exactly. So. Solar system more of that coming. So you just stay in line. So yeah, no. It was a great day. And and now other stuff too. I just saw that the put down a date for the Knicks falcon heavy launched. It's going to be soon like within the week. So it's gonna be it's gonna be a crazy week. Actually. I'm utterly overwhelmed. Right now, people may have noticed haven't got simply newsletter out yet because I just have so busy. But it's it's it's almost ready. It'll go another like couple of hours. I was at my keyboard for sixteen hours yesterday as annuals that I took turns live streaming all of the events line on twins Catholic. Absolutely amazing, and I I have to brag a little bit. So I love so much working once again, a like rock solid. We do science organization. I I haven't done that since I worked at Harvard. I've been at places that focused and communications education and undergraduate education, and I'm back. And so there was a quiet little does anyone know how to do this thing and stuff at the command line to fix the formatting of a whole bunch of files. And I was like, yeah. You just need to write software to footy foodie FU and the person who was working on high a booster, and they needed to convert a whole bunch of files was like help. And so last night in real time while everything was happening. I got to help by just reading a stupid little snippet of of code, but people at high. Yeah, that's amazing. Yeah. Yeah. To make a science people. I got to make us lions. So so you saying like, thanks to the planetary sciences toot for giving you a home that you get to do science on on an occasional basis. Yeah. That's amazing. And more to the point. I get to science with a whole bunch of other people instead of being like the person over here making science while everyone else is doing other things it was it's awesome. Here we go even though they might be scattered around our planet. Astronomers have a way to come together to work the issues that face their entire field of study, it's called the international astronomical union. And they're the ones who work out the new names for stars. And sometimes depleted beloved Kuyper built objects. Oh, man, people have that love hate blade ship with the I eight you which is the international stra nominal union.

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