Why Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman Face Different Legal Stakes


There was no escaping McCollum admission scandal will you be accepting the federal grand jury formally indicted Lachlan her husband Massimo GE newly and fourteen other parents they're accused of conspiracy to commit fraud. And now they're facing the added charge of money laundering for trying to write off bribes as charitable contributions. Laughlin and her husband are accused of pain. Rick singer the admitted masterminded a scheme five hundred thousand dollars to get their daughters into USC as members of the crew team. Even though they never rode competitively on Monday. Actress Felicity Huffman, admitted her role in the scandal, and now plans to plead guilty along with a dozen other. Parents for Felicity Huffman, it was a one and done. She paid fifteen thousand dollars to USA kids score. Now in terms of the people like Lori Laughlin. This was not a one off. This was a continuing series of big money payments. These are two very different people who have treated this really in a manner that is not comparable. So every time Laurie Laughlin acts the way she acts in comparison to Felicity Huffman plea, Laurie Laughlin gets herself in more and more trouble. Each charge carries up to twenty years in prison and many legal experts. Believe all of the defendants will face at least some time behind. Bars. These people are already rich. They can write a check for restitution. Who cares? This is a an assault on American values. Most of the defendants are not talking about the case, but two of them issued statements vowing to fight the charges till the end one of them calling the case

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