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The outcome of Israel's election becomes clear on the ground. It citizens can look to the skies and has rarely space probe nicknamed. Sparrow is on its way to the moon. Sure. It'll do some science, but mostly it's purpose is symbolic and these days, plenty of countries are joining the moon rush. And there's a massive demographic shift going on in the world's workplaces employees are growing older and retirees living longer how will accommodate adjust as the old increasingly outnumbered the young. But I. It's been another close election for Benjamin Netanyahu. Last night, both the Israeli Prime Minister and his main rival Benny Ganz claimed victory in yesterday's vote. Certainly do. The parties are neck and neck with thirty five seats each in Israel's parliament, the Knesset, but mister Netanyahu has a clear path to forming a coalition government. Seems to have won the election. His potential coalition of right-wing and religious parties has sixty five seats out of the hundred twenty see connected. So that's majority ancho Feffer reports from Jerusalem for the economist. He recently wrote a biography of Mr Netanyahu what happens next is that seeming with ninety percent of the votes almost counted, assuming these fun results, the president will call in the party next week for consultations, and assuming now has a majority of recommendations he will be called upon to full new government. It'll take probably couple of weeks coalition negotiations and then presented to the Knesset. Probably in early may. We'll have a new Netanyahu government, which sounds more or less like the way things have gone over the past few elections. Why does this one matter every election at says the next one's in four years, but Netanyahu's facing a more severe challenge this time. Both in the identity of his challenger bennigan's was. Someone poised to take away the Mendel Mississippi Carritti from Netanya Renna close race. If there is also accurate, then at least in the party vote. He equal Netanya and the other challenge facing was that since the previous election multiple corruption allegations have emerged resulting in three potential indictments to hap- mooring investigations down the road. So I was also going to the nation is ready virgin saying vote for despite all that you've heard about my alleged corruption about those allegations. I mean, how might they affect his premiership his ability to form a government. How do you think that will figure into things from here on out well into the fifth, but that may be pretty sure if he comes avoid indictments, and is charging cord it'll also influenced the coalition goes next you because attention go dish in partners are aware of the pressure into now is under and they will. Probably be extracting a heavier price visiting in his religion. Whether in the shape of ministerial positions in policies and budgets, and they're not just joining the coalition former McGovern joining a coalition which will act to shield him from the indictments perhaps in new immunity legislation or even standing by him. If he insists on meeting prime minister wants charge in court. So is this going to have a huge effect on everything happening going forward and supposing he avoids the imminent danger there, what should we expect from government that that he forms? What kind of campaign promises did he make? Well, really that many campaign policies in this election is election has been about whether or not should remain prime minister, the one big policy bum show that he threw into the Rena just a few days ago was sort of off promise to annex parts of the West Bank. Now, we have to wait and see if he has that far right coalition right now, his potential partners even more to the right than they were the previous coalition. This is an option perhaps of going to bet against say, let's form a grand coalition national unity government, which will be more moderate that doesn't seem very at this point. But it's an option and the other wildcard here is the Trump these plant which is expected to be presented in a few weeks perhaps late may mid June and that will affect policy going forward. So how does the content of the Trump peace plan change the calculus here? Well, it's a new is well refed on what he can expect to find the. Trump east plan his ambassador to run his very close the Trump team he himself obviously hands a good relationship with Donald Trump. And we don't know quite yet. How he's planning to gain the term he could wait for the plastic is attended down. Which almost says we happens. The seniors of ready said that due to all the concessions made by ministration to these ready site just over recognition of Jerusalem as capital they're not going to have anything to do with Trump. And so he made his wait for them to reject it. And then say says then rejected that things have changed and we can do new things in the West Bank. We can change the status of parts of it. We can exaggerate offering to seventy seven that's one possibility. The other possibility is that some of things in the plan off things that Trump, and if you want to work with even if the Palestinians on board, and that could include some kind of change in the state of the West Bank in Gaza Strip all the changes vital status issues that we don't know. Oh, yet, if they'll being the fan weather ten says about them, but mister Netanyahu has has made these promises or half promises to do this annexation. I mean, doesn't that upend? The the whole idea of any Trump peace plan, regardless of its content. Receiving fan. It's something about sitting on going to even agree to dealing with in right now, this falls, we never pass it is they have no interest in engaging with Trump east. So whether or not the drumbeat planned it contradicts latest election promise, maybe a moot point. But it also maybe possible within the parameters of the Trump is we'll have to see what is in that land. Do you get the feeling that the kinds of noises at the Trump administration has been making have intern emboldened mister Netanyahu in his sort of according to the right wing suddenly feels that he has Trump's complete support. And therefore it safe to assume that he also feels that he can make the kind of promises which will bring the far right into the code. It should at the same time. There is a possibility that will use the Trump to try and bring a blue and white, but against his party into the coalition, and in that way, have much more stable government can say against look we both said. During the election, many things we both said that we won't sit with each other in the same coalition. But now with these plan on the table, there is an opportunity to make serious progress towards a final status issues. You don't want me to do that with the foul, right and the government, but you and I can do that together. So we'll have to wait and see how that plays out into Miao now has different options for building code, assuming bennigan's is open to discussing with him a joint government though, so far they've both ruled that. But anything said before election day is subject to review the day after

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