Fox News, CNN And Lucien Greaves discussed on Pure Nonfiction: Inside Documentary Film


There's such an interesting relationship between this group and Fox News. And and I wonder if you can one couldn't exist without the other feels like that. You have a rich sampling of Fox News clips in here. And I'm I'm betting that there's more where that came from. Well, it's funny because that's the only news network that pays any attention to the tanning temple. It's not as if they wouldn't like to be on CNN, but CNN doesn't care. The only people that want them around are the ones you can drag them under their show yell at them and call them morons ask them what happened to them and their childhood abuse them, and then send them packing. That's the goal. And that's every interaction and bless Lucien Greaves for sitting there and taking that abuse like in the name of religious freedom because it seems kind of weightless, but it is an outlet for them. And again, no one else's ever called like they're not turning down. The

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