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House launches oversight Oakland teachers back. I'm Elliot Francis. House Judiciary committee has begun a sprawling probe of President Trump that could set the stage for impeachment proceedings when the Kenyon reports. The proud led by committee, chairman Jerrold Nadler is looking into the president's family campaign and administration more than eighty requests for documents have gone out to Trump associates the requests come less than a week after the president's former attorney Michael Cohen deliver damaging public testimony about Trump in a statement Representative Nadler accused Trump in his words of evading accountability for his near daily attacks on our basic legal ethical and constitutional rules norms. And he says is investigation will focus on obstruction of Justice public corruption and abuse of power. Linda Kenyon, Washington. Oakland, thousands of teachers are back in the classrooms after union. Members voted to approve a contract agreement that provides pay raises Education Association members approved the deal Sunday when. I'm back to work Monday. The Oakland unified school district ratified the agreement during a meeting Monday giving educators eleven percent raises at one time. Bonus of three percent all sorts of rescue efforts will resume in the morning after tornadoes roared through Alabama Sunday packing, one hundred seventy mile per hour winds. Sean Wilson survived. The ordeal already knew I could hear the roaring coming nearing. But at that moment. That's when you heard the house just being torn apart. But it even seconds, right? A seconds after that. Everything started president on us because we were in the bathroom. We were together. We all got pushed down flat. We were like dominoes on top of each other. My son was on top of me is a mom. I don't want to die. Don't wanna die. I said sign just pray. Your way through judge approved a request by attorneys for Kevin Spacey to preserve more phone records in the sexual assault case against the Oscar winning actor judge approve preserving electric.

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