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Ny that's hashtag a. l. u. i s. a. n. y. Now back to the show. I wanna talk to you about makeup but i. I have to reveal a little bit of disappointment. Because i was dying to get in. The maybelline fit me tinted moisturizer. And such high hopes. You know i'm always recommending mailing actually said we should get their product developer on the show. Because it's so good. I know people love the foundation so i had high hopes it was honestly terrible katie. It was so dry. It did not blend an accentuated. My pores i was like maybelline. How could you so i did. try though. The new maybelline express duo. It's a two in one nine dollars. Us twelve dollars canadian. They're six shades. So it's two in one so one side is the powder Your mench used that second and the first side is a waxy pencil and it's one of those elongated sort of crony pencils. So that's what's you can draw in the lines and then you use the powder to kind of set it and fill in even more and what i love about. It is that first of all. I love anything with the powder. I think that's the best way to look like. You have natural browse second of all when i brushed it up after with my little toothbrush looking wont from iconic london. It did not spread. You know how sometimes you do get the powder all you have to wipe it. Didn't it's like set instantly. I love that. But i think their marketing is ridiculous. They say that it's their fastest brow. Pencil ever y. I don't know you have to use to product like it's a two in one they also say ophthalmologist tested and suitable for contact wears. Am i going to stick this thing in my i come on maybelline. It's come on this and other things to put on the packaging yet that's But you browsed. You look really natural in really really good speaking of things that are ophthalmologist tested. I'm going to talk to you about the strive..

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