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I felt like someone who put me like electrocuted me. Every night go on stage is life first tour. We just literally like the entire show. I would just feel like like i. It wasn't even it's beyond adrenaline. I don't know how to explain it. And i remember when not wore off Will last forever. And it's just funny. It's like years later actors so much. Calmer onstage And probably less nervous than i have been which i think is cool. Maybe i'm becoming more confident or more able to go with the flow. I used to be very like have to have the set down after everything. Perfect like judging every single thing is there's a little bit of first of all less of the weight is on you because you're not the front person and then secondly there's a little bit there's a degree to which you just have to let go because all those guys have so decades and decades more experience collectively than i do and they might change their and they're gonna coal mehanna take me along for the ride and i just feel lucky that they kind of take care means under their wings so It's actually a really cool experience. So far but fenway is always amazing. And i got jackson family and friends areas. Billy's official so every artist. Obviously you are bad bone. You're so talented. You have such a vision in. You deserve this spot in this opportunity more than anyone. But why do you think zack round shows you to take you under his wing and develop you and bringing along and give you these experiences and really like neutral you as you said you dreamed while i think. What's what do you think was the reason he picked you. Well actually johnson justice instrumental. Jimmy buffett has done similarly and learning like. They really are Well they to answer your first question. Why he brought me on this tour It's a weird question to answer. I mean obviously he thinks that can add something. Hope adding a cool female harmony that they usually don't get up top And some hopefully just really my goal with stories just like super solid insistent rhythm guitar playing irvine play banjo. Electric at it's very solid consid- just adds to the foundation of what they have so much. Virtuosity going on and their arrangements or so set in stone so Clearly he thinks that can add something. And i'm just trying to do that justice And you know it's cool to have email energy out there too. I think And then jimmy mentoring.

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