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Crockett promotions and he may be party too much and hung up on the Booker and no showed? Nope. He slipped on the fucking eyes leaving the arena. And he's done. What a turn of events. I mean, it's even written in the observer. Buddy lindell apparently messed up his ankle after the tapings in Bethlehem. He slept on ice going through a revolving door and tore up his ankle and needs surgery. He's going to be out for at least 8 weeks. Landau's job for Ahmed Johnson was a last second deal. Vents and JR were apparently trying to convince dean Douglas to work the match and Douglas wouldn't because of his back injury. There was no contingency plan, and Landau was basically asked to help them out of jam, and did the squash job in the manner they requested because Johnson is getting the mega push. Apparently he was going to be rewarded for being a team player by getting a spot on the roster. The wound up injured almost immediately. Damn it. Buddy landel, if it wasn't for bad luck, he'd have no luck at all. Yeah, but sometimes it's bad luck was initiated by the guy he saw in the mirror. Sure. Let's not forget that let's not forget that. I have never come on this show or anywhere else to talk negatively about buddy landell as a worker. He was outstanding. He was an excellent worker. And he absorbed as a young guy, all these very influential pro wrestlers that he is seeing briefly on his television. And Memphis had great whole area and mid Atlantic, obviously. They were loaded with talent. So he had a great prep school there to watch on TV and then finally get the business. But buddy's issue always piss me off about buddy was buddy. Why are you making these mistakes? Yeah. All you doing this God damn it, do you know what are you afraid to be successful? Is that what it is? I don't know. I can't figure this out. So it's almost as if you're trying to sabotage your own career. Either with the partying or categorizing the broken ankle as a part of that or the bad ankle, but it just for whatever reason and I've always regretted this. I thought that every company I worked for could have gotten more out of buddy Landau, than we did. And so this very day, that's a regret. He needed to go to rehab. He needed to get cleaned out totally. He needed to take 6 months or a year, whatever it was going to be and come back right. If a guy gets that kind of opportunity to come back a ride and contribute and doesn't, you know, you've met on the wrong horse. So you either saw the problem or eliminate it. And I think that was kind of the case here. I just love talking about buddy lindale. I think it's an interesting story. I want to hit a few more things and then we'll press play. This is the era of zanta Claus, which we know is going to eventually become balls Mahoney, the real life John rickner, melzer would say he's already been fired because he was told the gimmick wasn't working. After all of the one television typing, although with a seasonal deal like that, it sounds to be they should have known that going in. He worked the NWA show on December 29th and threw out present to fans, like chocolate with cigarette butts in it. Barbies with penis is put on them and other tasteless and tacky things like that. Santa Claus feels like it's one of the worst ideas in WWF history. What do you remember about this? I remember I concur with your assessment as the shits. And here's another deal. You know, you got a guy that's taking these crazy bumps and balls Mahoney. Incessantly he's abused his body, he's worked for little or nothing. And all of a sudden you see in my role or maybe there's a little bit of a light at the end of the tunnel, and we can capitalize on what this big guy does best and that was bumping. And it just didn't it didn't get that far. I don't even want to say it was a start, just nothing. But Vincent didn't like it. And so it ended quickly. I also want to bring up this other creative idea that I read that I guess isn't all that hard to imagine. But in hindsight, given what's happening in real life, it's kind of funny. There's been talk of sunny doing an angle where her 91 year old husband passes away and leaves her a lot of money and she buys a major heel. Of course, this was a story that people were familiar with because of the whole Ana Nicole Smith thing that had been happening with her billionaire husband. I know that didn't happen. But I could see how that would work, making sunny, the wrestling version of Anna Nicole, right? Easy story to tell. Easy story to tell and you got that Ana Nicole Smith thing with her husband. And so yeah, it was plausibly or pro wrestling acceptable. I wanted to mention the day after where this raw ball is recorded the Bethlehem show where we called it the blizzard show. That's where John hawk got a tryout with uncle zeb. Of course we know that's going to go on to become Justin hawk Bradshaw, AKA JBL. Were you high on him right away? Is he a recommendation from Dutch or how did you guys land on? Hey, look at this big kid. I think Jerry Brisco was most involved in being the conduit between John and the company. I always was attracted from an athletic standpoint, pro wrestling standpoint to a big guy like John who was athletic,.

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