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I felt quarterback heisman trophy winner same high school same coaches same drills same program everything it's it's a culture when you create a culture somewhere that's when you get repetitive repetition and you find out the l we can we can replicate guys i mean everybody's doing exactly the same we aren't making klay soldiers here but we can instill same values and same beliefs insane work ethic in everyone our players and then they'll have their individualities obviously the have their individual strengths things that are better at in those things that they're not as good at there's obviously everybody there's different positions football that goes that saying but speaking to get somebody like to follow into vision where he can be that good and now he's coming into the season and now going back to my main point which was like why do you think is going to pick what he's gonna do right now why would you do that why would he do that while bobby put that on jalen hurts what would he put that onto you don't have to pick right now we all kind of know in the back of our heads anyways gonna shock the world and just all of a sudden star jalen hurts he's gonna transfer anyways if you if you don't pick him i mean honestly i think we've best it probably be in the best interest of to find out i mean jalen hurts too early because jalen hurts finds out early enough that he's starting he'll have more time to figure out where he's gonna go after that so or or even if he still wants to transfer so i mean that's all that's all kind of up in the air but i mean nick let him play out let them get through at least a little bit of training a little bit of training camp or dislike preseason workouts with the college ones called james whatever they call that but have to work it out a little bit more likely to couldn't really do much entering practice at the broken hand but the fact that you you didn't see any oh two broke his hand i'm sorry he lost his chance like no the kids to could do that and he's he's a heisman trophy favor this year that's kind of what we're doing this i two savings has wanted to talk about two for while they're getting a little tangents about two though where he expected to win the heisman obviously expected but definitely a possibility we don't know if he's starting so we can't say expected but if he does start then in public will be expected for him to win this hour elliott heavy heavy favourite to be just like his mentor just like the guy he went to the same high school as and and is emulating to be that's margaret marotta who won the heisman with the organ dex just a handful of years ago so good good looking for to hopefully he gets that i'm wanting to start i like watching him play i've watched a lot of jalen hurts just didn't really do he's he's not really thrower he's a runner he's a great writer he's honestly i don't know he doesn't wanna be running back blah blah blah honestly be like a little i don't i don't know know i don't know what you could go be receiver be like a little extra seaver something like that taibbi kill i mean your i mean i don't know if you're quite fast enough you little bulky but he's got the allusive nece to do that but you you wanna be a quarterback you want to have the ball on your hands i don't knock people who i don't wanna be like lamar jackson he wants to be quarterback who was all on his hand he's good at that so people who don't wanna leave quarterbacks in that's pretty sweet all right next one moved go over a couple of running backs that are heisman heisman trophy hopefuls as well as a couple other guys throughout the show and then we'll give you my week one predictions we'll go through actually a lot of the top twenty five match ups for week one we talked about a lot of the matchups in general but i really didn't pick who thought was a win so we'll do that in the final segment after we go through about each of our heisman favorites throughout these next two segments in the show all right we'll be right back.

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