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And a low temperature will drive down to twenty eight will be a dry thanksgiving expected a of clouds and sunshine with a high thirty nine than warmer on friday with a sunny sky at a high near forty eight degrees from the weather channel i'm meteorologist jeff marr on newstalk seven sixty wjr you're hearing them mitch albom show talk seven sixty wjr you got event out me you did turkey without me go really let us go agley your late gave good guy the kids wanted convey you'll long fleischer blogger yokota's the jury that's it that's the last 5 at conference axe giving gummy of of gangway with take relations the same thing over here on the eve we wait for me shows up late nibbling we've got the third one of the best movies ever saw one who at one yes movies ever right and arguably the best movie ever to to feature thanksgiving as the theme sabalan as a pretty big experiment no well name you'd rather anand of up to serve a pretty big now because what it does is it it examines the family and how the family dynamic has changed in america for over fifty years or so i think it started like in their 30s and 40s back where when that movie was an and ended in modern day and it shows how in the in the 40s you know the immigrants come over and all the families in one little tiny house in there in the city and you know there on top one another telling stories and the little kids abroad and there's no television and there's nothing i and then by the end all the families were separated they're out in the suburbs are eating with with a tv on having their own separate meals you know and and it could that's that's the beginning in.

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