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Our studio what do they tell you like as a traffic guy and you're trying to drive on an interstate that snow covered it do you drive along the tracks that are already marked in front of you so in other words I mean the like do you stay in the right hand lane and follow those those tracks people already made for you or maybe use we move over to the left hand lane somebody's going incredibly slow I know I've had to venture on out until like to the middle lane where there's no tracks at all and it's just covered do they tell you that's probably the the sweet spot where you need to be is the tracks of already been marked my general firm is this if their tracks already mark that's what everybody else is using to so if you see one set of tracks like say going up north bound sixty five or whatever your case is if you follow in those tracks the other cars are going to be that too because the worst thing you want is to be able to get out of line get out of lane and run into the chance of side swiped a running into another car you have to do that hammer I sometimes have to do that I have to get out of the the right hand lane and and get out of those tracks because the guy in front of his sword going you can credibly slow right on a night like this like I don't have a choice it's the most nerve wracking thing you could do is a driver oh it's awful it's absolutely bring not recommending you do it but sometimes you don't have a choice is to move out of the sweet spot where the tracks are already marked in the road well I did that she lives in in the middle lane but you gotta ask yourself do I have a choice I mean the guy's going slow sure is going slow but can you just kind of follow behind the no not yeah the blue haired granny in front of you heads barely above the steering wheel she's a ten into and there's just blue hairs and eyes above the wheel you how to get around I'm sorry and if you have to do a little drifting like Tony Stewart on a dirt track so be it but you got to get around the blue here grand that doesn't mean you have to go ninety miles an hour either try to make a pass around some but.

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