Dustin Hopkins, Terry Mclaurin, Askins discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Touchdown run in two touchdown passes wonder Ryan Griffin wonder Robbie Anderson on the day Donald three hundred and fifteen yards in the two scores lady on bell had forty nine yards rushing for the raiders Derek Carr miserable fifteen of twenty seven hundred and twenty seven yards and a pick Mike Glennon actually came on in that game Josh Jacobs only thirty four yards rushing on ten carries for the raiders who fall the six and five the jets go to foreign seven their role in right now one for two or three in a row and getting back towards respectability raiders had a chance to tie Kansas city for the top spot in the AFC west but that did not happen Seahawks go to Philadelphia and beat the eagles by count of seventeen did nine for Seattle Russell Wilson you have to pass much thirteen of twenty five two hundred yards one touchdown one I. anti for shot penny one crazy fourteen carries a hundred and twenty nine yards and a touchdown Carson Wentz thirty three of forty five for the eagles two hundred fifty six yards one touchdown to interception Zach hurts twelve catches ninety one yards and a touchdown Philadelphia Eagles they'll fall at home they're five and six the Seahawks are nine AM to keeping the pressure on the forty Niners Broncos fall to the bills in buffalo twenty to three Washington gets a home win over Detroit nineteen to sixteen as the red skins get their second win of the season against nine losses Detroit goes to three seven and one Dustin Hopkins at a thirty nine yard field goal was sixteen seconds to go to give the Redskins the win win Askins thirteen of twenty nine through the air a hundred and fifty six yards in in I. in T. and Terry McLaurin five catches for seventy two yards for the Redskins Jeff Driskell of the line's twenty of thirty three two oh seven with a touchdown and three picks both Scarborough eighteen carries ninety eight yards for the lines Broncos lose to the bills twenty to three checking games in progress Jaguars and Titans are nothing nothing early second quarter just past the midway point of quarter number one patriots and cowboys our zip zip later tonight big showdown in the city by the bay or at least Santa Clara which is a city by the bay Green Bay.

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