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Which we should. I think that everybody's worried about courtland sutton at right. I mean that's kind of hits not just sutton. It's judy too. Well courts um right. And that's the thing that i've said this before. I believe most fantasy analysts. Think just from a pass catching fantasy perspective. They'd rather have. Noah fant and tj hopkinson. But the situation has changed so much where hodkinson lost marvin jones and kenny. Golladay and fant added courtland sutton basically. I think that's probably the industries. It's just like this offense and play. Caller and quarterback is not quarterback the whole time and teddy bridgewater could change things or rodgers. Could for a good way. They've averaged one hundred and thirty three targets. Too tight ends over. The past. three seasons. Shurmur is offense says and it's been one hundred and forty each of the past two seasons. So yeah i think courtland sutton is definitely going to get targets but do we think those tight end targets are going to shrink from one hundred and thirty or one hundred and forty down to a hundred no But he had ninety three targets and fourteen games. So what's that in sixteen. What's that in. Seventeen yeah even more. Yeah and again. it's just i i lean more. I think there's enough targets. I mean we've talked about this. Before the broncos through like one hundred and thirty passes to players that wide receivers specifically that they don't need to throw to near as much. They threw one hundred and seventy nine passes to tim. Patrick caja handler dejean amilton. It's good point and it's never been. I did a bet on talent right fans got it. Well the problem. I've got with fans at a. He was inconsistent last year. And be they. Don't throw them enough passes near the end zone. If those two things change he's on. Don't get your talent is good. I've got concerns about the quarterback situation. There of course but last year he started with thirty three points in his first two games. He averaged seven point five. Pr points in his remaining thirteen. Only three games with ten plus. Pr points he had six target. Six six targets that were either front of the end zone or in the end zone last year. Six he needs. More work was tied for eighteenth and red zone targets among titans with ten growing in the ball more near the goal line. He'd be fantastic fantastic..

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