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This little bit lighter of ood. What else can you tell me. Outside of this kizzee's. I'm no no no no no go ahead Kill this love and d do okay. The name of the songs i know. Okay also sink. Ice cream with selena gomez. Oh no not jess ice cream. Oh there is a girl. Group called black pink okay. I did just dance ice cream. Oh yeah yeah oh okay got it all right. Thank you so much. I appreciate your help. Black pink they have an album called black pink. Black pink presents the album. There's a let's see their songs on here. Called ice cream with. Selena gomez okay. They have a song called. Bet you wanna featuring cardi b. okay. Oh cardi b. yes but the. The song do is not listed here. I'm searching perhaps it's on a more a previous recording of there's corrected is called you do it is called to do and a do remakes. Took my word. I tell you i couldn't get into the To the conversation bleaching i that internally howley just who i am overwhelmed honestly i tried to hold on paper towel and then pointed to airplane not quite well. You're kinda why. I don't like she's like like this way. And then put it the big your you know like this white but not as globally as i says holy spirit is talking about. She said well why really white but they're not quite your kind of way. It's really more of a true white pointing to the i an airpods case. They're really more of a true white a global but not so globe so not my girl be over here. You get she last night she gonna tell me told it on yuk-mai young because she was wasting my shrimp mushroom roles. She couldn't tell me your my. That's right don't girl me girl girl said don't grow grow. Okay i'll well i'm sorry. How are you sis. I didn't even ask you how you doing. I'm hanging out of any complaints. Just trying to get the weeks off to a good start. That's what that's what we're doing over here. No complaints really. We're safe and we have. We need yes. We're safe and we have what we need. If that's not a word because because of the pandemic i have more than what i need. I was actually like even when i was riding my pleasure no last night. It was like you know. I've learned so much i think i'll my relationship with god like has been kind of separate right and i think separate i should say i was reading this thing in one of the devotion i read. That was talking about having childlike right. So like i think sometimes some of our relationship with got are skewed because our relationship with our parents have some stress or strain. But like thinking about a father's love you know and like how as parents we are innately wired to trust i mean as children. We are nataly wired to trust our parents we are little itty bitty tiny tots. We are not stressed out about whether or not we gonna eat. We know that mommy takes care of that. So i've been thinking and really getting back to that childlike relationship with guy you know just in my own faith walk and i just that that safe and i have what i need is not only like you know is the fact but it's also an affirmation it's a reminder that despite what my circumstances are where my conditions may be. My motions may be feeling like right. Now i'm safe and a half what i need and there's no need to worry for those kinds of things because no matter where guy has proven himself faithful to supply everything that i'm dealing like. Take care. He takes care of me in ways that i'll have to trip. I don't have to go to bed so i have. What i need is really something that i'm truly trying to really drill into myself something. I'm fair every day. I have faith. And i have when i have what i need a safe and i have exactly what i need so all is well. Let my candles for the new moon. And like what. I to say what i have what i need. I have my my little seats over here for spirit. They won't come sit down. The candles will go of water. You want a little molasses. Maybe some rum. You know what i'm saying. We were out here on our on our walks. Okay but we do have trashed to get into and i think it's a fun trash it. Yes so let's do it okay So the grammy's were last name. yes they were. Did you wash them in full full. No i was going to in and out. I watched the housewives of atlanta in mary to medicine. And then i kind of turned it back onto the 'cause i tried right i cut on the grammy's and apm when they came on and saw a bevy of people that i had no idea who they were. So i'm not. I'm just gonna go on back over to atlanta and wash cynthia get married and then i'll come back over here and see if i recognize anybody. Did you see in the background. Anywhere at the grammys. No no it's just wedding. Oh no no no. No no i was looking for him. But you know bravo recourse cynthia's and what they actually air was like cynthia's marriage video footage by whatever. They paid their photographer viagra for four. Got it. I'm so as such wasn't really liked tv quality. But i was looking like. That's the name. Hopefully somewhere behind that mass. That's what i said. I don't see his face liam behind p because this is what i'm concerned dozens eyeballs. That's all i wanted to say..

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