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Town hall dot com. I'm Jason Walker, the government's top infectious disease expert, says the United States hopes to start vaccinating youngsters within the next few months. White House correspondent Greg Clugston has more at a White House coronavirus briefing, Dr Anthony Fauci said kids vaccines hopefully will start to happen by late spring or summer. However, the Food and Drug Administration has yet to approve vaccines for Children and at the moment older adults are having problems finding available shots, Fauci said. Getting Children vaccinated is a necessary step to securing wide spread immunity to the coronavirus. Great Clugston, the White House Senate Republicans calling on President Biden to meet them at the negotiating table as he signals he could move to pass a new $1.9 trillion virus aid package with old Democratic votes. GOP leaders say they're less costly counter proposal includes $160 billion for vaccines as well as testing Also at town hall dot com. Australia says the lack of competition for Google the lack of transparency in the digital advertising supply chain need to be addressed because they're impacting publishers, Advisors and consumers. Here's Jeremy House, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission released an intern report on its inquiry into the Google dominated digital advertising services industry in Australia. It notes Google not only powers the digital display technology, it also controls much of the advertising space. The commission chairs and there was often a real lack of choice and transparency in the industry..

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