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Don't you don't it doesn't stop until it stopped so i feel for these people who are losing everything in many cases but at the same time it's like yeah it's a volcano you know what's it's okay to feel passion for course i do but it's it's it's everything it's that and it's also something that nothing anybody can do anything about jeff on the tide don show good morning hey i i'm calling from louisville 'cause that's where i live and i live in pflueger ville because i moved away from austin because of this seemingly perpetual force for ridiculousness at all levels including city council about this gun thing yes sir yes sir i mean you mentioned it criminals don't follow the rules to get their guns so there's gonna be zero impact there but for those people who would've alternate pd gun i would this adjusts they look now to their federal government who sells their guns to the public i mean if this dumb on on every facet yeah it's it's silly you're absolutely right jeff six forty five here on don show we take a look at austin's on time traffic here's dot got that wreck show working at fm nine seventy three at burlington road and another wreck this is going to be mueller boulevard is your protest garcia also traffic impediment being reported altdorf it's sun ridge major thoroughfares the usual fund building out they're starting to slow down and all the popular spots don prior with austin's on time traffic today we're starting off with some areas of morning clowns but it's going to turn out mostly sunny and welcome to total wine and more so i challenge you wine tasting showdown maybe we should just explore some wine if you come blow me away with a wind you must admit defeat sure.

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