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We had them apart reversal on the planning liberalization for example. Just like. i'm not said anything. It just happened. Every fishing been abandoned but ultimately we'll be the big test of making these announcements that elegantly reversing them. Kenny deliver something for the time if the next election up now as i mentioned Later on we're gonna be talking about checkers because it's one hundred years since the palmer took over checker. All the checkers became get was a gift to the nation for the prime minister. To relax at david if you ever be. i have twice once for one of those evenings. That where cherie blair showed us around. i am told us the history of the house but my most of the but my biggest memory is when we came in it was a cold evening i'm a fire in the greatest cetera and little leo. Leo's watching the television. Our number the light of the fire shining through his rather big is He sat there in his pajamas. What not this is kind of rather a nice and cute scene. And then another case whether to talk to blair about tv series. I was doing about the blair years just before he left power And yeah it's it's quite fun guy to check i think i was reading flicking to blaze memoirs last improvised. He did seem to really like checkers. He times of crisis thing after nine. Eleven when he was mulling whether or not going to stand down that was where we went and he'd sit on the terrorist. The glass of wine as roma's guitar and that is where he made decisions. What what about you so several times and a number of different things we show all the different uses of checkers for dinner for the dinners for some lunch. Shares but also for meetings ministers and sort of policy discussions which were bit looser. And they were better for. This is john. Major had a series where he which i was at which where he boosting first cabinet ministers and then junior ministers in different tranches to discuss what ought to be in a manifesto. And i think that was a nice atmosphere for into it. So i don't know any prime minister who hasn't really enjoyed checkers. And it's i think it does do. What the founders. Who gave it to the nation. Hope that it would do it. Certainly did it for for church. And i'm for all the prime ministers i've encountered a work with. It was funny. We some of the history of it was part of the reason for doing. It was because the an awareness of the possibility in the future that not every prime minister would have their own country home executive. You get one chance per day. Becoming took my son's into the swimming pool it was given to the nation by richard nixon's ambassador and later took into football dinner and he said to me. This is the greatest evening. And i said i said but surely you enjoyed swimming in the in the prime minister's paul he said yes. But that's a check wasn't there and put it into excise ease slowly but we will find that. Nobody's suggested they'd like finger. Which is their dream. Fantasy dinner party guests. Well i'm sure that's only a matter of time was danny's coming david. Could we maybe can tell you in one week. You think you me what then being pulled over to the studio. I've got my podium in my attic i'm Can you fit all three of us. And we can as long as as long as we get. Jet washed out articles. It's totally it's a do danny finkelstein antonio chelsea who them in the times every week just get yourself a subscription goto the times dot com slash smith. Box up next the secret history of checkers. You'll listening to the red box. Podcast now what are you doing saturday night. yes voice. johnson's having his friends round for dinner this weekend for the ultimate Dinner party at chequers. Walter ed balls boost foresight bill. Bison jimmy car- cake galloway lorraine kelly matt lucas. Davina mccall john watson. john sentamu emma thompson. jeremy paxman eighty bonham-carter. Harry enfield bobby charlton and claudia schiffer all have in common. They have all been guests at chequers. The prime minister's country retreat set in a thousand acres of beautiful grounds in buckinghamshire was given to the nation by arthur lee ann. Louis george became the first prime minister. Take up residence there in nineteen twenty one. Exactly one hundred years ago remember. Find out more about the history. We'll speak to some of the people who've been there but both john's to host a dinner party there to mark the centenary this weekend but his hit a few bumps in the votes have been talked to cost is here with more than we explained about the dinner. Who is who was supposed to be going. And who's actually going so some weeks ago. The trustees of checkers who run the santo invitations to every so cool stats not Theresa may david cameron gordon brown. Tony blat search your major. An uncle win to the back end of week. That's tony blair and gordon brown Had said they couldn't make it said. There was an unfortunate diary clash. Which made this sounded to me. Like the most. Quit family reunion history. Faulty crime ministers. Almost all of who and you choose any two way relationship among that four and that's bad luck that today it's even more uncomfortable than that David cameron enjoy major. in fact. can't it only the so all of the full. The prime minister's it'll be theresa may amperage from some to people who you don't need to know a lot about recent political history to know Do not exactly onto wine on a fan number of issues presumably. It's not going to be just them. Are we expecting other. Always got the sort of sitting other end very long. Dining room table. That will be other people who've been involved in in check over. The is that joe. Major's wife dinu major will be attending. She actually wrote a history of checkers. in one thousand nine hundred six while husband was still prime minister. So you know. I don't think the case. The boris johnson theresa may will be sitting across from each other at a small table reminiscent about the last time they were is together. Which was the 2018. Check is summit where the cabinet agreed to theresa. May's brexit deal on the day. Boris johnson quays as foreign secretary would be little could If that was the topic of compensation for the guests that i'm so there will be others Personally by the way. I think reflects very well on theresa may that she is going. I think she is the she is the person who's recognizing that actually this resident this estate thous- hold place in bush politically history and the the office is bigger than its occupants. Although the other prime ministers absolutely say stress than snubbing the occasion at they simply have dari clashes. But they'll seem to me like it might be author of been a robbery fixture in that orest cheapest full time as well as you were saying. There is a lot of history in the building. It was checkers. Winston churchill recorded many of his famous wartime addresses to the nation markets hosted. American president ronald reagan soviet leader. Mikhail gorbachev tony blair welcomes the us president bill clinton He also hosted she didn't find martin mcguinness advocacy. History goes back even further than that. So let's let's dive into the history books. Martin fire is a historian from newcastle university. And knows a lot about check out high boston match. So whose house was it. Before it became the prime minister's we'll hang out whether he was built in the sixteenth century scraped the hills chilton's and it was acquired by an awful league was a conservative and patron festival ball. Who and this wet. It's interesting and this is in many ways. They historical link with johnson. I've always thought. Johnson is much more in common with this prime minister on the one. He likes to compare himself with lloyd. George comes into the picture who was not averse to trading favored trading owners and he made Lee viscount league. I chance to the country and it's been there was an actual seventeen which convert this but since twenty one hundred years. It's the reason for the dinner. It's been in the country.

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