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Rushed over and say, Hey, hey, hey, we had a member on the floor but ran to help. Sitting on the ground bleeding profusely, a pregnant church member just days before her due date, the woman shot in the lower abdomen during a shootout between two unknown men. Most says the woman who has two other young Children does not want her name shared but does want everyone to know She's all right. And so is her baby boy delivered via C section weighing £6.8 ounces. A fugitive is under arrest after leading Bear County deputies on brief chase Monday morning, deputies were conducting surveillance on Brandon Miller, who was one of For aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. When they tried to pull him over. Miller reportedly drove away during the Chase. Deputies say he threw a gun out of the window of his car. He finally ran into a fire hydrant near Longing trail in Corona, right on the Northeast side, deputies arrested him for the outstanding warrant and for evading arrest. Well. President Biden led the annual honoring of every man and woman who served in uniform on Memorial Day who lost their lives, the president said at Arlington National Cemetery. Each stone monument represents the life live a son. Daughter, Mother, spouse, brother, sister of a friend, a neighbor and for those who served today, he says, how we defend democracy around the world is in large part of tribute to those who came before the cause of unity and the cause of a nation that endures because of them. President Biden ended his remarks as he always does, saying, no matter where they are, May God protect our troops. Meantime, President Biden is closed to introducing his proposal to overhaul the legal immigration system. According to a 46 page document obtained by The New York Times. They plan to fast track the immigration process, like never before. Some of the plan includes expanding virtual interviews and electronic filing limiting request for evidence from migrants applying lowering wait times, slashing fees and simplifying paperwork, The New York Times write says. If Mr Biden accomplishes everything in the document, he will have gone further than just reversing the downward trend. He will have significantly increased opportunities for foreigners around the globe to come to the United States embracing robust immigration even as a divisive decades long political debate continues to rage over such policy. Meantime, minority farmers are starting to receive federal loan forgiveness. Aid is part of President Biden's American Rescue Plan. Texas ad commissioner said Miller is suing because he feels the program too. Discriminates against white people is discriminatory, obviously unconstitutional. We've got 100% of the pandemic aid for farmers, 100% of it going to last and 2% of the farmers, Miller says. White farmers make up 98% of the demographic and they won't see a dime. His lawsuit is backed by America First Legal, which is a group founded by former Trump Advisor Stephen Miller. W away I news time 6 37 traffic and weather together in a minute. But first a check of your money in the world of business at Cory joins us live at the Bloomberg News.

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