Vince Ellison, President Trump discussed on Sean Hannity


Wall that's all lightning goldeneye WFLA for the continue Vince Ellison with us so the president's policies as it relates to African Americans Asian Americans Hispanic Americans women in the workplace youth unemployment African American youth unemployment on okay we can compare that to big cities decades of liberal rule that has failed I can't believe that I even consider that this is even possible in today's America but it is the city of Baltimore for example thirteen high schools not a single child proficient in math and reading now one how is that possible how is it possible with all the violence on on just about every weekend in the city of Chicago and it continues how is the great city of a San Francisco doing which we've covered the city of Los Angeles doing the great city of New York doing now that New York is now you know the the sanctuary cities or states are no bail states we got a guy coming out of jail of boat rest at a hundred and thirty nine times thanking everybody for letting him out of jail without bail so you can commit more crimes the question is I guess voters will have to decide Carrie Pickett will will the success of dot specifically Donald Trump as had with minorities in America will that eat into the democratic base will people look at the comments of Bloomberg and say you know what we can see through your phony or politician he didn't say a word about stop and frisk for seventeen years the only reason you're doing it now is for political expediency does he lose the elderly the older base because he says yeah we're gonna let you die and not treat you because you're too old does he lose women because of all these other issues that have come up these are the you know big portions of the democratic base does he does the Donald Trump have an opportunity to to to get those voters I think where Donald Trump really does tend to succeed in the and all of those the different elements there is that he comes off as a law in order president especially in in a number of areas where we have seen crying spike especially when people are are actually seeing Democrats coming off as as unfortunately is having this sort of full Seminole third of agenda right now and it's unfortunate because there are a number of other Democrats right now who really don't want to have that imagining look I've spoken to a number of a number of Democrats on Capitol Hill who feel very uncomfortable about that and they don't like a number of of laws that have been passed for example up in Albany that have that have really hurt yet yet communities over in New York I've also heard the committee's over in Nike over California and other states so this could be an opportunity for for a truck but in the same light you see it if the Democrats begin to make some good negotiations and start to yeah begin to put pressure on their on their own colleagues he could make a difference but we'll see I don't disagree what do you think Vince is there going to be a shift because these are votes that Democrats have counted on every two four years you know you always have the same thing Republicans are racist sexist misogynist homophobic xenophobic Islamophobic but I I think if these things are said falsely per reason and the reason is is that they don't want big portions of the democratic base to go to the Republican Party so they just lie about them that's text book one oh one democratic politicking well don't don't drop is changed the game he's gone over them you used to have to ask permission to go into the pull troops will get on their TV show that you're in a newspaper down front now go straight to the iPhone and because of that people are seeing that this is no longer true this song better going to be trapped in the system because they have to depend on the circle justify within their those that out there to the senior things about this thing that trump is not what they say he is they are seeing what's going on in the community and the black community is still very very religious I got a letter I got a lot to go there Vince Allison thank you iron triangle is his book Carrie Pickett Washington examiner thank you eight hundred nine four one Shawn you want to be a part of the program Laura trump at the top of the hour we'll get your calls coming up next more on the pardons that the president gave out from earlier today much more as we continue eight hundred nine four one Shawn you wanna be a part of the program quick break right back we'll continue news traffic and weather Tampa bay's news radio WFLA a new nine Felix Vega federal hurricane relief for the state's timber industry.

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