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Oxfam and the center for American progress. These organizations are uncoupling olive. They they deserve at least a tip of the hat for doing something. Right. But they could have been more public about it. I've not seen a single press release from any of those organizations saying that we've decided. That because of concerns about how women's March Inc. Is is being run that we are going to disassociate ourselves from the women's March. Until for example. They disavow the semitism that exists at the very top. You know, you have organizations. Who've stopped partnering with the March. One spokesman said well, quote other projects were a priority. Women's March word contend that. There. Fifty one percent of the population as females. So I guess when all these organizations have quote other priorities. The have no interest in being associated with fifty one percent of the population. According to the view from the women's March Inc. I listen Milano. She of the neckline. I gotta say that was to me one of the real delights of watching. The hearings was knowing that listen we'll be sitting there right behind him. Wearing addressed and showed more cleavage. Then most dresses women were to business whatever show. I cannot remember a single woman. Congress person wearing address that show them much cleavage. Of course, the women who popped a monitor Bill abso- good Nancy Pelosi. Maybe it's the site that I just don't want to see. So these organizations, for example of Rhode Island Chicago Cincinnati out in Ventura, California. All these organizations are saying we really don't have anything else who has walked away the national organization for women. National organization for women is marched away from the women's March. They cancelled the New Orleans women's March over leadership reveals little to resign. Women's March Cleveland. Said well, we'll only do it. If members of the national council on Jewish women and other Jewish women speak at the March. In women's March. Chicago said no, there's not gonna be any March. They said that distancing itself from the national leadership was a side benefit of not having a March. Now, I'm really concerned about those women in the listening audience and elsewhere in this metropolitan area who've been very very diligent and working hard during the past twelve months. Tune it a new hat. Or or or make that brand new costume with an even more realistic vagina? So. I'm really concerned that they're now going to have to hold onto that stuff until next Halloween and where then. Can you see mom and dad and junior walking door to door in the neighborhood? They come to the feminist and she's the Saturday greet them in costume. Hi, johnny. Hi, MRs Johnson. Where do you dressed as Johnny last questions? You get out of here. The ACLU Planned Parenthood American federation of teachers national organization for women. The DNC however, continued to partner with a group. The cannot bear to disassociate itself from Louis Farrakhan, and the nation of Islam Farrakhan, who is actively being courted by every single candidate in twenty twenty. They want screwy Louis on their side. He he's the guy who refers to Jews as termites. And of course, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood mash organization women af t the Democratic National Committee. Well, that's cool way them because they want screwy Louis on their side. Because apparently there are enough followers within the nation of Islam to help them electorally conscience, be damned. But it was interesting to note that when indeed this kind of separation takes place on the political left. They're very very quiet about it. Did any of you here that the AFL CIO is no longer involved with women's March? Did the service employees international union sent out a press release saying we're not with them anymore? How about the n CPI? Ben jealous. Get in touch with his organization say, hey, let everybody know big voice. We're no longer there. No. Of course, not. But that is the way the world. If if groups on the right had quietly disassociated themselves from Stephen King as an example that in of itself would be headlines, and that's what I find fascinating. No matter how you feel about what Steve king said congressman Steve king, not the author. Steven king. No matter how you feel about it. The fact is that members of the GOP stood up immediately and took a stand one way or the other on this one way or the other on this. On the left though, you can have ranted anti Semites, running your organization and other left-wing organizations want to disassociate themselves from you. They'll tip toe out as quietly as somebody trying to leave the church in the middle of the sermon. They don't want anybody to know, they're gone. They came in. They sat in the back row on purpose. Which is why a lot of churches, I think should installed doors with really squeaky hinges Bruce Elliott show. Talkradio six eighty WCBS Lori and Dundalk. Good morning, Lori. How are you? I'm well. I am very glad that they've decided to disassociate ourselves from the March because I mean as a female. Nothing positive for me and permit Donald the mail, the vulgar and pretty women to take their children. You know, this is ridiculous. I mean, I'm proud of the fact that look female, I'm proud that. I was a correct, you know, retire correction officer former police officer, you know, I kind of feel like there's jobs for glass ceiling time for penal. And I'm proud that. I went to college and have I was the first one in my family to have a college degree. With that. But I'm not.

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