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A CBS David Begnaud reports the charges here in Massachusetts might not be the only ones he'll face Spacey is due in court on January seven foot of felony charge of indecent assault and battery. Now, the actor could get up to five years in prison. If convicted he remains under investigation on suspicion of sexual assault in Los Angeles for an incident that allegedly happened in two thousand sixteen I called Spacey cell phone this morning. Nobody answered our team of producers reached out to him and his attorneys yesterday left messages. No response there is now Monday was the same day that Spacey put out a YouTube video titled let me be Frank. And in that clip, he seems to be in character as Frank Underwood from his former Netflix series house of cards Spacey says quote, if I didn't pay the price for the things, we know I did I share won't pay the price for the things. I didn't do twelve twenty one on WBZ right now in Boston sunny skies were thirty one degrees officials in Indonesia not taking any chances now after last week's. A deadly soon. Nami they're raising the alert status now for the erupting volcano that caused that giant wave. There is concern on among experts that another soon NAMI could form and people along the coast are now being told to stay away from the beaches, the sixteen foot soon NAMI back on Saturday left at least four hundred thirty people dead on the islands of Sumatra and Java CBS says Elizabeth Palmer has more on recovery. Efforts. The rescue effort is being slowed down by bad weather, believe it or not torrential rain this in an area already devastated by flooding from that soon. Nami aircrafts now being rerouted around that volcano local law enforcement officers are getting killed more often as they serve in the line of duty the national law enforcement officers memorial fund says that number is up twelve percent over the same period last year. Here's the funds president and CEO Craig Floyd over the last twenty years we've seen more officers killed in traffic related incidents than killed by gunfire. But in two thousand eighteen was firearms related deaths that were the number. One calls here in Massachusetts, two officers were shot and killed in the line of duty in two thousand eighteen Sergeant Michael chestnut. Weymouth police sergeant Sean Gannon from the Yarmouth police department. Meantime, in California, there's an urgent search underway this morning for the man accused of opening fire on an officer during a routine traffic. Stop corP Roberts sang was shot and killed on Christmas night. Officials say they've been able to track down the getaway vehicle, but the suspect remains at large also today in California, it appears the government shutdown might have a lasting effect on Joshua tree national park, and it's not for the better volunteers telling the LA times today, it has been a free for all in the park since fun. Stop coming in to maintain. It. Visitors are reportedly damaging the protected trees. Now, the Rangers are off the job. Volunteers say they're trying to pitch in by cleaning the bathrooms even hauling trash that they just can't keep up with the.

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