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Have available we can help good I heart works dot com that's I hurt works dot com Hey bro I'm here in the neighborhood doing some pre storm damage assessments stormed in for that week it hail storm we got last week I think you've got the wrong neighborhood we just had a light drizzle all know you had a huge hail storm nonsense like you have so much roof damage your insurance company will need to replace the whole thing Hey are you winking at me yes to say that you're just a note that means that I actually don't have hail damage and we should lie to the insurance company I know you're not a cop are you news but I know their number okay we'll keep in touch whether or not you have storm damage you want a roofing and siding company word is going with the insurance company and with you at all around we stake our reputation on honesty and integrity honesty fair pricing and solid hard work for a free consultation for your roofing or siding job visit all around dot com music festival really give music festival listen to the radio music festival channel twin cities number one morning show just to send troops weekday six tonight twin cities news talk A. M. eleven thirty and one oh three five FM it was only yesterday on.

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